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A Message from HORN USA, Inc.

As Seen In Production Machining

Bone taps

Two New Twists on Thread Whirling
Thread whirling as a metalworking process dates to the 1940s. Recently, developments in production speeds, based on this increasingly popular process, are impacting thread manufacturers.

Paul Horn exterior building

Paul Horn Facility Showcases its Expertise
Paul Horn GmbH’s facility in Tübingen, Germany, is impressive not only because of its cleanliness, but the size of the campus and the company’s fast growth from year to year.

Horn workers huddle around laptop computer

Training Through German Eyes: Not What You Expect
HORN pays strict attention to assure the people that the company understands the importance of, and are capable of, working with others. Its focus is on using the strengths of each person for the benefit of the whole.

mono-crystalline diamond-milled part

Technology or People?
In your shop, do your people operate your machines? What impressed me the most was the implicit, built-in assumptions at HORN that it was the people leading the machine tools, rather than the machine tools leading the people.

Paul Horn Keeps Moving Forward
Since I visited Horn in Germany two years ago, it has doubled its production floor with an investment of 70 million Euros.

New Substrate Increases Tool Life Turning Tough Materials of Small Diameters
Horn USA’s Supermini cutting tool’s new substrate, coating and edge preparation is said to provide high-performance results in small diameters.

PMPA Chapter Meeting Covers Threading
The PMPA Indiana/Southern Ohio Chapter meeting on November 15 covered “All Things Threading,” with presentations from Horn USA and LMT Tools (Fette), and included live threading demonstrations on the Technical Equipment's showroom floor.

Take This Tool for a Spin
Turbo whirling is a newly developed process from Horn USA that optimizes machining during thread whirling, boosting both productivity and cost-effectiveness.

A Grand Event in Grand Rapids
The 2016 PMPA National Technical Conference provided three days of powerful sessions to hundreds of attendees eager to support their industry and improve their own business acumen.

Cutting into the Workforce Shortage
On Manufacturing Day, which was October 2 this year, students from Williamson County, Tennessee, toured multiple manufacturing facilities, one being Horn USA, to obtain a firsthand look at local career opportunities.

Horn Opens Subsidiary in Mexico in 2016
Developments in the southern United States and a positive work ethic among the population are what has made Mexico so strategically important to Horn's position on the global market.

David Parker

The Transition to No-Lead Brass
Adjustments to feeds and speeds, coolant, tooling and scrap management all play a significant role in allowing a productive switch to unleaded brass.

Supermini Type 105 Carbide Inserts for Hard Machining
The Supermini type 105 tool system from Horn performs demanding tasks involving bore diameters between 0.2 mm (0.008") and 6 mm (0.236"), with more than 1,000 versions of the carbide insert that fit one toolholder.

6 Lessons I Learned about our Machining Business
Last month, I was privileged to attend Horn Technology Days. Here are the lessons I learned.

34T Triple-Edged Grooving Insert for Grooving, Side Turning and Parting-Off
The 34T triple-edged grooving insert from Horn is an alternative to the existing 312 grooving insert and features additional advantages.

Horn on Track to Double Capacity in Germany in 2016
Horn's headquarters in Tübingen, Germany, is doubling its capacity by adding 12,000 m² of new production space.

Learning by Seeing
German cutting tool maker Horn hosted the fifth edition of its biennial Technology Days event.

Finding the Right Insert Eliminates Need for Second Machining Center
Read about this shop that could have added a second machine and fixtures to perform an additional process, but instead, decided to work with the Mori Seiki NH 4000 horizontal machining center that it already had in-house. The company elected to use two 90-degree milling heads to machine the flats that are made of 4140 steel.

Indexable Carbide Insert with Through Coolant
The S224 indexable insert, with through-coolant and HP65 coating, features the HORN .3V geometry in 3-mm (0.118”) width is a new addition to the company's product offering. 

Horn Toolholder with Internal Coolant and Indexable Inserts
The System 216 from Horn is designed for internal grooving in bore diameters from 20 mm (0.787”) and larger.

Product Categories of HORN USA, Inc.

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Boring Tools for Turning Machines
Broaching Tools
Burnishing Tools (Roller)
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Collets for Toolholding
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Trade Names

3-Peat (Grooving)
Centro P (Precision ER System)
DA System
DM System
DS System
GPS (Groove, Part-Off, Side Tu
Mini (Internal Groove)