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fluid monitor

Greenlight Fluid Monitor Delivers Control
PMTS 2019: The Greenlight Fluid Monitor from Houghton International is a self-contained, continuous measurement system for monitoring metalworking fluids.

Cleaner Replaces Volatile Solvents
Houghton cleaner replaces highly volatile solvents in applications where flammability, health, safety and environmental factors are concerns.

Quaker Chemical and Houghton International to Combine
Under the terms of the agreement, Houghton International shareholders will receive $172.5 million of cash and 24.5 percent ownership of the combined company, representing approximately 4.3 million shares of newly issued Quaker Chemical stock.

Metalcutting Fluid Lowers Costs in Machining, Grinding Applications
Houghton International’s Hocut 4440 semi-synthetic metal removal fluid platform is based on a new technology for machining and grinding said to provide performance as well as environmental benefits.

Houghton International Acquires Envirotek Management Services Inc.
Houghton International Inc. has completed its acquisition of Envirotek Management Services Inc. in the U.S.

Keller Arnold Joins Houghton International as CFO
Houghton International has appointed Keller Arnold as CFO. Ms.

Hocut 795-BG Promotes Long, Odor-Free Sump Life
Hocut 795-BG from Houghton International is an environmentally friendly, versatile metalworking fluid that can be used with many machines and metals.

Houghton Spray Cleaner Offers Cost-Effective Metal Cleaning for Heat Treaters
Houghton International’s Quench-Kleen 5343 low-residue alkaline spray cleaner is formulated to be a safe and cost-effective alternative to solvent emulsion cleaners in heat-treating applications without presenting a barrier to subsequent coating processes or welding.

New Director of Global Team for Offshore Products
J. Graham Craig joins Houghton International as director of the company’s global offshore division.

Mineral Oil-Free Metalworking Oils
The Cut-Max V500 series of neat cutting oils are biodegradable, vegetable-based metalworking oils and are free of mineral oil and chlorinated additives. The cutting oils resist oxidation and provide high natural lubricity to extend the life of cutting tools.

Filter Cleaner
The Cerfa-Kleen 5528, an environmentally friendly ultra-filter cleaner for metalworking plants, removes unwanted materials such as heavy particulate, tramp oils and slime from ultra-filtration membranes in fluid delivery systems. It does not contain caustic materials, silicates or silicone ingredients that may harm expensive ultra-filtration membranes and shorten their useful life. This filter cleaner saves time and labor by extending time between ultra-filter cleanings and increases the gallons per minute flow rate after cleanings.

Organic Spray Cleaner
Cerfa-Kleen 5395 is an organic spray cleaner that cleans all ferrous metals and virtually all other metal alloys at ambient temperatures up to 145°F. It is water soluble, recyclable, leaves low levels of surface residue on parts and is formulated to resist rust, corrosion and microbial degradation. The product is said to rid parts of shop soils and oils from metalworking fluids, such as die sprays, cutting/grinding fluids and heat treating quenchants, enabling metalworkers to produce manufactured parts and components, the company says.

Coolant For Machining Red Metals
Hocut 795-CU, a coolant formulated specifically for machining red metals including copper, bronze and brass, contains ingredients that are said to prevent chemical reactions with red metals and also protect freshly machined red metals from corrosion.   When machining red metals, it is necessary to take into account the chemical reaction that occurs when the coolant comes in contact with these materials, both in the sump and on the metal part that is being machined. Unlike traditional coolants that change color as the copper, bronze and brass fines build up in the coolant sump, this coolant remains stable.

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