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gundrilling machine

Kays Engineering 1024C Machine Produces Light Camshafts
The Kays Engineering 1024C is a six-spindle gundrilling machine used for high-volume production of automotive camshafts.

Custom Machine Forms Rifling Gooves
The DeHoff G560-B1, from Kay’s Engineering, is a machine designed to form the rifling grooves in gun barrels.

Gundrilling machine

Gundrilling Machine Produces Scroll Compressor Driveshafts
Kay’s Engineering’s DeHoff 518 cell is a gundrilling machine for high-volume production of scroll compressor driveshafts with a shaft requires a different diameter hole to be drilled in each end for lubrication of the scroll bearing. 

Gundrilling machine

DeHoff 2072TC Gundrilling Machine Has Five-Axis Capability
Kays Engineering Inc.’s DeHoff 2072TC is a gundrilling machine with five-axis capability, a spindle mounted on a traveling column to provide the X-axis and Y-axis movement, and a CAT 40 spindle mounted on the traveling column to enable secondary operations. 

DeHoff G560-DR2

DeHoff G560-DR2 Drills and Reams Gun Barrels
Kays Engineering Inc.’s DeHoff G560-DR2 gun barrel drilling and reaming machine has a quick tooling changeover after the barrels are gundrilled that allows a pull-reaming operation to be performed using the same machine. 

Gundrilling Machine Improves Heat Dissipation
The DeHoff 218 four-spindle special is a custom-designed gundrilling machine for producing hollow stem engine valves.

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