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Logan Air Threading Clutch Provides More Torque
PMTS 2019: Logan Clutch Corporation’s Hi-Capacity Air Threading clutches eliminate adjustment, linkage or lever arms.

Speed Controls Increase Output
Logan Clutch and Meagher Machine have teamed up to demo a Loganized Model B Davenport machine.

Replacement Clutches
Designed to improve performance, the company’s clutches and productivity enhancements can be used to replace mechanical clutches on machines such as the Davenport Model B screw machine.

Pick-Off Drives For Multi-Spindle Machines
Single and two-speed stop and drop pick-off drives for multi-spindle screw machines contain faster back finishing and pick-off spindle stopping capabilities that enable users to achieve better micro finishes on back finished parts and perform simple back drilling and back counterboring operations that would normally be run on secondary machinery. The standard braking feature stops the pick-off spindle before the pick-off collet opens, decreasing the chance of ejected parts missing the chute. This feature also minimizes nicks and marks caused by inconsistent part ejection, preventing quality problems that are common with air pick-offs.

Diagram of the Network

Networking Your Multi-Spindles
This Ohio shop is looking forward to major benefits from real-time data acquisition.

Pick-Off Drive Adds Productivity
The company introduces new Pick-off drive with brake for multi-spindle screw machines. New single, two-speed and variable speed pick-off drive and brake packages drive the pick-off spindle at operating speeds two to three times faster than the standard back finishing spindle speed on most screw machines, the company

Hi-Lo Retrokit For Davenport Model B
Logan Hi-Lo Retrokits feature a patented Lockup Detection, simplify clutch and brake maintenance, position tools closer to the workpiece, reduce idle time and feature a fast engagement and quick release.The clutches are said to allow users to change speeds faster and more accurately than conventional clutches. Hi

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