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What it Really Takes to Machine Titanium

We had the honor of presenting our knowledge in heavy metal machining at the Suppliers Excellence Alliance conference in Los Angeles in March. We were invited to share what we've learned specifically about how to machine triple nickel titanium, or Ti 5553. Top tier aerospace parts suppliers need to know how to machine it efficiently as more aero parts will be made of Ti 5553 for its light weight and heat resistant characteristics. We have participated in an important titanium cutting research project at Boeing for the last three years. We've learned a tremendous amount during our tests. Because several machine tool builders are also touting "heavy metal" and "titanium" machines, we felt compelled to shed light on what it truly takes to cut this material profitably: It takes the ability to machine at low frequencies, incorporate a certain tool taper tool interface, have the right amount of power and torque, and experience in construction and assembly techniques that impart the proper stiffness. We would like to elaborate on these points with you to give you even more detail about our testing, results, and what's around the corner in the area of heavy metal machining. Contact Mitsui Seiki today!

As Seen In Production Machining

book cover

Behind the Curtain of Machine Tool Sales
This book highlights the experiences of the author’s 20 years of selling machine tools, through his filter, “with plenty of philosophy, inspiration and wine tossed in.”

HW63-TD machining center

Sparks Fly at Blue Arc Technology Preview
TechSolve hosted a public unveiling of Blue Arc machining technology, which is a non-contact metal removal process that uses electro-erosion that can do unconventional and conventional machining in one platform. 

PJ812 Three-Axis CNC Vertical Jig Mill for Contour Machining
The machining center provides positioning accuracy and repeatability of ± 1 micron.

October 2009 News
October 2009 News

CNC Grinding Machine
- Mitsui Seiki's 300G CNC grinding machine is described in a brochure using bullet points and product photos- Machine specifications, CNC specs, machine standard accessories and machine options are listed in an easy-to-read format- Diagrams in plane view, front view and side view are also illustrated on the back cover.

High-Accuracy Vertical Machining Center
- Brochure describes Mitsui Seiki's VU50A vertical machining center and its benefits and specifications- Illustrates the difference between this machine compared to other VMCs- Contains examples of high speed and high accuracy machining that this machining center is capable of- Includes information on the company's Z Spindle spindle series.

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