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Vision Systems

  • Video-Based Measurement Systems  combine high-resolution graphic images, powerful-intuitive software and precision mechanical platforms, to deliver superb accuracy and repeatable measurement results. A new large field-of-vision (FOV) Benchtop Vision Measurement System, the HVR100-FLIP, is capable of being used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. 


  • Digital Optical Comparators  are vision metrology systems that function like horizontal optical comparators, and offer an added benefit of having a DXF "digital overlay". 

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Company Profile

Founded in 1880 in Athol, Massachusetts, The L.

Starrett Company

Starrett is committed to providing you with complete solutions created for your exact needs.

HVR100 FLIP Video Based Measurement System

The new "HVR-Flip" from Starrett is the latest in a line of video-based measurement systems.

Optical Comparators

Optical Comparators provide a time tested, cost effective solution for non-contact measurement, and are used for many medical dimensional inspection requirements.

Electronic Gages

Skilled personnel, superior products, manufacturing expertise, innovation and excellent service and support have earned Starrett its reputation as the "World's Greatest Toolmakers".

As Seen In Production Machining

HDV300/HDV400 Benchtop Horizontal Digital Video Comparator

HDV300 and HDV400 Benchtop Horizontal Digital Video Comparators with Increased Speed
CNC motion on the HDV systems is significantly faster, enabling even more user measurement throughput.

Jon-Michael Raymond

Starrett Appoints New Director of Sales
Jon-Michael Raymond will be responsible for sales of the company’s core products including precision measuring tools and gages, hand tools and saw blades in North America.

metrology tools

Starrett Tools Support Transitioning to Industry 4.0
Eastec 2019: Starrett's metrology solutions range from vision technology, optical measuring systems and more. 

spring tester

Starrett S1 System Tests Compression and Extension Springs
The Starrett S1 spring testing systems were developed for high volume production testing of both compression and extension springs.

Interior of one of BCI’s plants

Inspection System Helps Company Meet Short Lead Times
A digital video inspection system from Starrett is increasing this company’s inspection throughput and helping it get parts to its customer on time.

automatic vision system

Automatic Vision System Offers High Throughput
Extended travel AV450 system offers high throughput and versatility for a range of repetitive part inspection applications. 

Digital force gage

Digital Force Gages Perform Basic, Automatic Testing
Starrett's DFC and DFG digital force gages can be used both as hand-held gages or mounted on testing stands. 

Starrett digital electronic indicator

Starrett 2700 Indicator Conforms to True AGD Dimensions
The Starrett 2700 electronic indicator matches true AGD Group 1 dimensions.

Digital bore gage

781BXT AccuBore is a Bluetooth-Enabled Electronic Bore Gage
Starrett’s 781BXT AccuBore electronic bore gages are a trigger-operated gaging system, and Bluetooth wireless technology in the bore gage enables measurement data acquisition capabilities without the encumbrances and limitations of cables. 

Testing systems

L1 Force Measurement Solution Covers a Range of Applications
The L.S. Starrett Co.’s L1 force measurement system is designed for production and quality control testing. 

Benchtop vision measurement system

Benchtop Vision System is used for FOV Measurements
The L.S. Starrett Co.’s HVR100-FLIP is a large field-of-vision (FOV) benchtop vision measurement system used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation that features a high-resolution digital video camera and minimal optical distortion for FOV measurements.

SR160 Surface Roughness Tester Splits into a Display/Control Unit
The L. S. Starrett Co.’s SR160 surface roughness tester performs the complex analysis required to meet or exceed customers’ specifications.

Portable Surface Roughness Tester
The L.S. Starrett Company’s portable SR100 surface roughness tester determines surface roughness of large components, structures and is a great tool to audit batch production prior to shipment and production line process control.

Micrometer Line Offers Measuring Capabilities
The L.S. Starrett Company says its 795 and 796 Series electronic micrometers now offer measuring capabilities from 0” to 4" (0 to 125 mm).

Multi-sensor measurement

Examining Non-Contact Inspection for Small Part, High Volume Production
This article looks at current video measurement options for precision measurement.

Optical Comparators Provide Quickness And Accuracy
Imagine having to take measurements of a part that is 2 inches in diameter or smaller by hand. It would be almost impossible to produce an accurate measurement of a complex part. This is why optical comparators, also known as measuring projectors, are useful for shops that measure/inspect small parts, such as those in the medical or aerospace industries.

Galileo AV350

Multi-Sensor Vision System
The Galileo AV350 video measurement system by The L.S. Starrett Company is an intermediate travel multi-sensor metrology instrument offering a large, square 14" × 14" (350 mm x 350 mm) X/Y work area and extra Z-clearance at 8" (200 mm). The large Z-clearance, combined with extra rigidity provides the necessary spac

Gage blocks

Gaging Is Baseless Without Standards
Applying gaging standards consistently is the key to quality parts and products.  

Galileo AV1824

Multi-Sensor Vision Systems--Starrett
The Galileo AV1824 video measurement system offers increased versatility through its multi-sensor measuring capabilities including vision, touch probe and laser scanning. The system provides an intermediate travel multi-sensor metrology solution especially suited for QC labs, research, engineering and manufacturing environments.

Vision System Suited For Medical Component Manufacturers
Starrett Metrology Systems has introduced the Galileo class of vision systems. From simple, manual single-feature operation to complex, automated part measurements, these systems, according to the company, combine high-resolution images with a sturdy, precision mechanical platform for accuracy. The line is available in manual, motorized and fully automated models in two measuring envelopes, a total of six models.

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