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lapping machine

SVL-2115 Lapping Machine Laps and Air Gages in One Setup
SVL-2115 automated lapping machine laps and air gages bores in one setup, freeing operator time and increasing part consistency.

Sunnen SHD machine

Single-Pass Skiving and Roller Burnishing for Hydraulic Cylinders
A newly introduced machine and tool combination from Sunnen streamlines skiving and roller burnishing by combining operations into a single stroke process on a single tool.

Homing oil at work

Why Honing Oils Matter
Like any metalworking process, honing relies on a systemized approach of components working in concert to deliver optimized results. Honing oil is one of these critical components, and this article examines the role it plays in a successful honing operation. 

Executives signing papers for acquisition

Sunnen Acquires BTA Heller to Expand Honing Expertise
Sunnen Products Co. has acquired BTA Heller Inc. with the aim of expanding Sunnen’s honing expertise to include tooling for initial hole creation and other complementary bore sizing and finishing processes. 

Sunnen Products Co. Acquires BTA Heller
  Sunnen Products Co. has acquired BTA Heller Inc., a U.S.-based manufacturer of deep hole tooling and systems for primary hole generation.  

Tour of Sunnen Emphasizes the Importance of Honing
A tour of Sunnen reinforces a long and fruitful one relationship with the company and emphasizes the importance of honing.

Sunnen's SV-15 honing machine

SV-15 Honing Machine Runs Standard Tools and Diamond Hone Heads
The honing machine is a versatile automatic cylinder hone capable of handling bore diameters from 0.750" to 8" (19 - 203 mm) and lengths up to 11" (279 mm) for all types of blocks, from single-cylinder and high-performance engines to diesel truck and industrial blocks up to 46" (1,168 mm) long.

Remote Honing Analytics
Remote honing analytics with MTConnect-compliant machines makes manufacturing activity and system conditions transparent, enabling rapid implementation of operational and maintenance excellence.

Win a Racing Engine
Entrants of the Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes have a chance to win a custom-tuned Mopar 6.4L Gen lll Hemi racing engine built by Nick Ferri, co-owner of Patterson Elite Performance.

Honing System Brings Power Stroke Efficiency to Small Shops
The versatile hone features zero shutoff for automatic cycle control and consistent bore size, finish and geometry with minimal operator attention.

SH-2000 Job Shop Honing Machine with PLC/HMI
Sunnen introduces digital control of spindle speed, power-stroke speed and extra strokes on its SH-2000 job shop honing machine, designed as a flexible tool for bore sizing/finishing on a variety of parts. 

Sunnen Appoints New President
Sunnen Products Company has appointed Chris Miltenberger as the company's president and COO. 

SH-4000 Honing Machine Processes a Variety of Part Sizes and Configurations
Sunnen's SH-4000 power-stroked honing machine merges a Siemens touchscreen PLC and digital-servo drives with a servo-hybrid tool feed system, extreme repeatability and clear adjustable guard/light.

Prototype to Production-Volume Honing
Here's a machine designed to meet a variety of honing needs. It features all-digital, servo-stroke honing for volumes ranging from prototype to high production.

Sunnen GR-2245/2241

Bore Gages Offer Measurement Repeatability
Sunnen says its GR-2245/2241 bore gages combine rugged design with precise, reliable measurement to 0.0001" for large-part applications.

Sunnen Products Company Forms New Indian Joint Venture
Sunnen Products Company is adding to its base of 11 global operations by forming a new joint venture with its India distributor, Precision Honing Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a part of the Omira Group.

Sunnen VSS-2

Single-Pass Honing Machine Achieves High Cylindricity
Sunnen’s VSS-2 series of honing machines is part of the company’s Single-Stroke Honing concept, a single-pass process that uses progressively larger, preset-diameter superabrasive tools to size and finish bores.

Finding Significant Increases in Honing Accuracy
Single Stroke Honing is a single-pass process that sizes and finishes a bore with a series of progressively larger superabrasive tools adjusted to a preset diameter.

Sunnen Forms Indian Joint Venture with its Local Distributor
Sunnen Products Company is adding to its base of 11 global operations by forming a new joint venture with its India distributor, Precision Honing Solutions Pvt.

High Precision Single-Stroke Honing Process Increases Accuracy
Sunnen Products Company’s quantum improvement in a key manufacturing process for cast-iron hydraulic valve bodies using a precision single-stroke honing process that achieves cylindricity/straightness with less than 2 microns in bores as much as 10 times longer than diameter.

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