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As Seen In Production Machining

Dust Collector’s Variable-Frequency Drive Blower Increases Efficiency
The DC-series high-volume dust collection system from Airflow Systems Inc. provides facility-wide collection and high-efficiency filtration of airborne dusts generated during bulk material processing and packaging operations.


Collection Arm Provides Removal of Dusts, Powders, Fumes, Smoke and More
The E-Z Arm High Flow series of contaminant extractor arms provides highly efficient, source-point collection and removal of dusts, powders, fumes, smoke, odors and other contaminants before they can migrate throughout the facility to disrupt worker breathing zones, cause damage to sensitive equipment, and settle on finished goods.

Fume And Smoke Removal System
The V. E. S. line of motor exhaust collection systems provide high-efficiency collection and removal of disruptive and dangerous motor exhausts generated during indoor service, production or testing of gas, diesel or propane-driven engines.

Dust Collector With Ambient Filtration
The AirPod free-standing dust collection system provides high-efficiency collection and filtration of airborne contaminants, including sanding dust, solid surface particulate, composite materials, metal finishing dust, dry chemicals and powders. It provides 98 percent filtration efficiency of 1. 0 to 3.

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