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A Message from Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

Allied Machine Features Newest IC Drill, 4TEX, at WESTEC 2019

Dover, OH: (July 15, 2019) Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing solutions, highlights 4TEX, their newest indexable carbide drill, at WESTEC in booth #2145 from September 24th – 26th at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Allied Machine Launches Newest App - Machinist Tool

Smart manufacturing and modern machinists demand quick access to vital information.

FABTECH Mexico - Allied Features Drills for Structural Steel

MONTERRAY, mexico (April 15, 2019)  - Allied Machine & Engineering presents their newest GEN3SYS XT Pro high-penetration insert designed specifically for beam and plate production at FABTECH, May 7th – 9th,  in booth #1417.

Allied Features Material-specific Indexable Drills & a Vibration Reduction Module at Portland's Northwest Tool Expo

Portland, OR (April 4, 2019)  - Allied Machine & Engineering highlights three of their holemaking and finishing solutions, May 8th and 9th, at the Northwest Machine Tool Expo in the Oregon Convention Center.

Allied Machine to Exhibit Robust Cutting Tools for Oil and Gas Industry at HOUSTEX 2019

Houston, TX  - At HOUSTEX 2019, Allied Machine & Engineering presents three holemaking & finishing solutions for manufacturers of oil and gas field components in booth #2034.

Allied Machine Donates Tools and Partners With LA Chapter NTMA Training Center

Dover, OH - Allied Machine joins forces with the Los Angeles chapter of NTMA (National Tooling and Machining Association) in an effort to provide top of the line resources and real-life precision machining expertise.

New 4TEX Drill Provides Higher Penetration Rates Than Standard Twist Drills for Light Duty Machines

Dover, OH - Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems, announces the new 4TEX drill, ideal for making shallow 2xD, 3xD, and 4xD holes in the 12-47 mm (.472” – 1.850”) range.

NOVITECH™ increases boring operations productivity, surface quality, and process reliability.

Dover, OH - Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems, announces the availability of their new Wohlhaupter NOVITECH vibration dampened intermediate module, which increases boring operations productivity, surface quality, and process reliability while extending the insert and machine center’s spindle life.

Allied Machine Announces New Online Utility: The Boring Insert Selector

Dover, OH - Allied Machine & Engineering, a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling systems, announces their newest online tool: the Boring Insert Selector.

Allied Machine Shares Tooling Data for Over 6,000 Holemaking Products

June 26, 2018 ―Over 6,000 of Allied Machine’s holemaking products can now be found on MachiningCloud.

Increased Tool Life When Machining Hardened Materials with the AccuThread™ T3

Allied Machine & Engineering adds the AccuThread T3 to their existing thread mill line.

About Allied Machine

Allied Machine & Engineering is a leading manufacturer of holemaking and finishing tooling system.

As Seen In Production Machining

carbide drill

Allied Machine 4TEX System Enables Efficient Chip Evacuation
Eastec 2019: Allied Machine & Engineering’s 4TEX indexable carbide insert drilling system is designed to create optimal chip formation for efficient evacuation in hole making processes.

insert drills

Allied Machine Drill Delivers Optimal Chip Formations
PMTS 2019: Allied Machine’s 4TEX drill is designed to deliver optimal chip formation and is said to provide high penetration rates.

Three New Criterion Boring Kits Available
The kit selection includes a kit for 1.00” cylindrical shank, a kit for R8 shank, and a kit for #4 Morse taper shank.

Thread mill

AccuThread T3 Thread Miller Machines Three Threads at a Time
Allied Machine & Engineering’s AccuThread T3 is built for machining hardened or hard-to-machine materials such as stainless steel, tool steel, and high-temp alloys and is designed to machine only three threads at a time.

Inserts and holders

Gen3sys XT Pro Improves Chip Evacuation and Coolant Flow
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.’s Gen3sys XT Pro line of inserts and holders are high penetration drilling products that feature enhanced holders and inserts with three geometries and two advanced coatings. 

Partners in THINC Welcomes Newest Partner Allied Machine & Engineering
Okuma America Corporation is pleased to announce that Allied Machine & Engineering, a manufacturer of tooling systems related to hole making and finishing, has joined Partners in THINC. 

Drill Offers Excellent Chip Control, Durability
Allied Machine & Engineering features the Gen3sys XT drill for increased tool life, reliability and productivity in high penetration rate drilling applications, the company says.

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. Acquires Criterion Machine Works
Allied Machine & Engineering Corporation acquired Criterion Machine Works, which is now named Criterion Allied Inc. as one company.

Adjustable Cartridge Drill
Allied’s Revolution Drill features a cartridge design that is adjustable to 0.200" (5.1 mm) on diameter, which eliminates the need for special or subsequent boring operations.

Solutions for Drilling Applications
The company manufactures replaceable tip drilling systems, as standards, in the diameter range of 3/8" (9. 5 mm) to 4 1/2" (114 mm). Special tooling sizes and designs are available as well.

A Twist On Drilling Products
-Catalog features Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. 's drilling products, including drill inserts, drill holders and accessories-Information includes specs such as millimeters, inches, thickness, item number, coating and availability-Diagrams illustrate the measurements listed as well as special tool design-Other charts include recommended speeds and feeds and coolant .

Replaceable Tip Drilling Systems
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. manufactures replaceable tip drilling systems in the diameter range of 3/8" (9. 5 mm) to 4 1/2" (114 mm) and offers a variety of substrates for drill inserts, including HSS, super cobalt, premium cobalt, C2, C3 and C5, combined with multiple options of coatings: TiN, TiAIN, TiCN, diamond and AM200.

Drill Inserts And Holder
The company’s standard drill inserts range in diameter from 3/8" (9. 5 mm) to 4 1/2" (114 mm) and the standard holder allows for a depth-to-diameter drilling ratio up to 32:1. Additional offerings include specialized geometry, coatings and hollers, according to the company.

Substrates For Drill Inserts
The company manufactures replaceable tip drilling systems as standards in the diameter range of 3/8" (9.5 mm) to 4 1/2" (114 mm). It offers six substrates for drill inserts: HSS, Super Cobalt, Premium Cobalt, C2, C3 and C5, combined with multiple options of coatings, including TiN, TiAIN and TiCN, providing the meta

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Trade Names

AccuPort 432
AccuThread™ 856
AccuThread™ T3
ASC 320
Notch Point®
Opening Drill®
Revolution Drill®
Threadmills USA