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As Seen In Production Machining

Absolute Becomes Distributor of Lico Machines
Absolute Machine Tools will now be providing parts, service and turnkey applications engineering support out of its technical center located in Mason, Ohio.

Multi-Spindle to Multitasking: A Journey in Productivity
After switching from its outdated multi-spindle machines to multitasking turn-mill centers, this company immediately began reaping the rewards of productivity and throughput increases as well as cost reductions.

Advanced Machinery Solutions Lico LND D seris turn-mill

Turn-Mill Center Features Eight-Position Turret
Available from Advanced Machinery Solutions, the Lico LND D series CNC turn-mill centers are capable of producing complex parts in fast cycle times.

Advanced Machinery Solutions Names New Application Engineer
Advanced Machinery Solutions (AMS) has appointed Toby Stobart as application engineer. 

New Lico Customer Service Manager Appointed for AMT Machine Systems
Jim Nivens will not only fill a role in customer service, but also will become the CNC technician for the Lico line.

AMT is Exclusive Importer and Distributor
AMT Machine Systems Ltd. is now the exclusive importer and distributor for Lico Machines in the United States.

AMT Machine Systems Adds Lico Machinery Line
The Lico LNT 26 is one of several models now being imported and distributed by AMT Machine Systems.

Multi-Slide, Multi-Axis Machines
In addition to the company’s UltraTurn XL machine, AMT Machine Systems will feature its new Lico Machinery line.

PMPA Membership Provides Countless Benefits to AMT Machine Systems
AMT Machine Systems, Ltd. provides innovative, modular motion control components and systems to the automation industry. AMT is a technical member of PMPA and works with precision machined product manufacturers.

Probing for Quality
Committed employee owners are the foundation of this company’s achievements in high precision manufacturing.

Metamorphosis of a Brown & Sharpe Department
This plant needed to maximize machine utilization and decrease labor costs. It began by upgrading its Department 417 Brown & Sharpe single-spindle screw machines.

New President and CEO Appointed
AMT Machine Systems has appointed Dennis Pugh as president and CEO.

CNC Single-Spindle Screw Machine
The UltraTurn XL CNC single-spindle screw machine with the new subspindle is powered by a 2.5-hp servomotor with infinitely variable speeds up to 5,000 rpm.

PM News: November 2010
Robot Products Group Appoints V.P.ABB appointed Joe Campbell as V.P. of its U.S.

September 2009 News
Citizen, AMT Machine Systems, CNC Engineering, Kennebec, ZPS and Tooling U are covered in this edition of news.

UltraTurn XL

Seven-Axis CNC Screw Machine
The UltraTurn XL seven-axis CNC screw machine with tool slides is designed for heavy forming operations for maximum metal-removal rates, the company says. The company also offers a variable-speed servodrive for live turret tooling that is only compatible with the UltraTurn. This drive will also power a live subspindle, providing two-axis ID and OD backworking capabilities.

Automation Determines The Industry's Future
Industrial history will repeat itself. Automation technology will continue to drive productivity increases in the precision machining industry. Fewer skilled workers will be needed to manufacture ever-increasing volumes of parts. Offshore labor costs will become all but irrelevant. In Darwinian competition, manufacturers that focus on productivity will thrive, and those that don't will die.

Single-spindle automatics

Ingenuity Drives Single-Spindle Shop
Ideas for improvement are always welcomed here. Some of the most notable results have come from the merging of new technology with older, reliable equipment.

Full CNC System For Brown & Sharpe
The ServoCamUltraTurn system provides full CNC control of the spindle and all tool slides, virtually eliminating the need to change cams or gears. Systems are available for all #2 or #3 Ultramatics, including standard and Ram-Slide Ultramatics, CNC turning machines and ServoCam-equipped machines.  The system’s setup time is measured in minutes, not hours.

part production v time chart

CNC Upgrades Breathe New Life Into Brownies
Used in lean manufacturing processes, multis can suffer from long setup times. Upgraded Brownies often compete very favorably with multis on medium-length runs.

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Trade Names

LICO CNC Screw Machine
LICO CNC Turn/Mill Centers
LICO Multi-Slide Automatic
LICO Twin Spindle CNC Turning Cente