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Precision, Versatility, Productivity and Confidence  ANCA is a market leader of high quality CNC tool and cutter grinders.

GCX Linear: Gear up for skiving

Gear power skiving is revolutionising the gear manufacturing process, it is 5~10 times more efficient than shaping, more flexible than broaching, can produce both internal gear and external gear.

TX7 Linear: The new benchmark universal grinder

TX7 Linear is the new industry benchmark for production grinding and machining of cutting tools and components.

ToolRoom RN34 - Industry leading grinding software

ANCA's ToolRoom software provides industry renowned tool design flexibility, from the simplest to the most challenging tasks.

CPX Linear: Blank preparation grinder

Capable of achieving a surface finish better than 0.2Ra with run out of less than 2 microns, this four axes grinder for grinding tool blanks complements ANCA’s full machine range.

MX7 Linear: The next generation manufacturing machine

he MX7 Linear is a powerful, versatile CNC tool grinder designed for production grinding.

As Seen In Production Machining

Preparing Tool Grinding Machines for IoT

Preparing Tool Grinding Machines for IoT
Internet of Things (IoT) doesn’t require scrapping existing tool grinding machines, but investing in new technology, such as communication networks and automation, is necessary. 

FX Linear

FX Linear Tool Grinding Machine with Robot Loader
Features include linear motors on X and Y axes, an AM5000 control system and an HSK40 taper. Available as an option is the AR300 robot loader to automate repetitive manual tasks.

What Robotics Means for the Cutting Tools Industry

What Robotics Means for the Cutting Tools Industry
Friend or foe? Helper or fiend? Here’s what robotics really mean for the cutting tools industry and which pitfalls to avoid.

Two grinding shop employees inspect a tool

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of a Grinding Machine
Following these 10 steps can help grinding shops produce high-quality tools, increase productivity, reduce breakdowns and extend machine life.

Collets and guide bushings

Heimatec Sells Tecnicrafts' Products for Swiss Turning
Heimatec Inc. is selling collets and guide bushings from Tecnicrafts Industries that are exclusively used for Swiss turning applications.

Drill grinder

FCP4 Grinder Produces a Completed Drill
From a blank piece of raw material, ANCA’s FCP4 high production drill grinder (FCP4) produces drills from 0.8 to 4 mm and manufactures a complete high-speed steel drill on a single machine, grinding the flute, relief and point to produce a finished drill.

ANCA Facility

ANCA Opens New European HQ
CNC tool and cutter grinder manufacturer ANCA recently opened its new European headquarters in Weinheim, Germany, and also took home a Manufacturer of the Year award in Australia.

Tool Grind Workholding System Limits Runout
Precision manufacturing requires minimal tool runout, but the amount of runout that is acceptable can be dependent on part tolerances and is often related to the size of the tool.

Making Micro Threads
Production of micro threads can be challenging, but using the most suitable tools for a given application can simplify the task.

Magnetic Filtration Leads to Premier Finish
Magnetic filtration can be used in almost any environment where ferrous and paramagnetic contamination of a liquid is a problem.

Offline programming

Tool Grinding Capability Key To Medical Success
 Making toold for surgeons is critical to the succesful use of orthedic implants. This Indiana shop succeeds because of its dedication to quality and application of the right machine tools for the job.

CNC Tool Grinding

CNC Cutter Grinding In-House
As tooling complexity increases, one might expect in-house tool grinding to gradually fade away. In fact, though, more and more shops are taking advantage of CNC tool grinding’s increased capabilities to improve consistency, flexibility and productivity.

Grinding: Send It Out Or Keep It In-House?
CNC tool grinding can improve the output quality of any screw machine operation. But there are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether to send tools out or grind them in-house.

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3D CIMulation
5 Axis Grinding
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