Arizona Vortex Tube Mfg. Co.

19314 W Echo Lane
Waddell , AZ 85355 US


Product Categories of Arizona Vortex Tube Mfg. Co.

Automated Pallet Systems
Boring Machines
Broaching Machines, Horizontal
Broaching Machines, Internal
Broaching Machines, Vertical
Broaching Tools
Chamfering Tools
Chip Conveyors
CNC Attachments
CNC Multi-Spindle Screw Machines - Used Equipment
CNC Single-Spindle Screw Machines - New Equipment
CNC Single-Spindle Screw Machines - Used Equipment
CNC Swiss Screw Machines - New Equipment
CNC Swiss Screw Machines - Used Equipment
Coil Winding Machines
Cold Heading Tools
Communications Networks & Data Transmission Equipment
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Units
Coolant Delivery Systems
Coolants, Cutting Fluids & Oils
Deburring Machines
Deburring Tools (Machine Tool Spindle-Mounted)
Diamond Tools
Digital Readout (DRO) Units
Digitizing/Scanning Systems
Direct or Distributive Numerical Control (DNC) Systems
Drilling & Tapping Machines, CNC
Drilling Machines, Bench & Column
Dust Collectors & Air Filtration
EDM, Small Hole
End Mills
End Turning Machines
Endworking Tools
Gear Cutting Tools
Grinding Attachments & Accessories
Grinding Machines, Disc, Single or Double
Grinding Machines, Jig
Grooving Tools
Horizontal Machining Centers, Five-Axis
Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
Identification Systems
Jig Boring Machines
Laser Cutting Systems
Lathes, Cut-Off
Lathes, Cycle-Controlled (Semi-CNC or "Teachable")
Machine Monitoring Systems
Machining Cells & FMS
Machining Flex Lines
Marking & Engraving
Memory Units
Miniature Machines for Training
Multi-Machine Tool-Storage Systems
Noise Abatement
Press Automation Devices
Presses, Fine Blanking
Presses, Hydraulic, Gap Frame
Presses, Mechanical, Gap Frame
Presses, Mechanical, Vertical Straight Side
Presses, Pneumatic
Presses, Stamping, Automatic
Presses, Straightening
Punch Press/Laser (or Plasma), CNC Combination
Punch Presses, CNC Turret
Saw Blades
Slotting Saws
Thread Chasers
Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
Turning Centers, Inverted Vertical, CNC
Turning Centers, Vertical, CNC
Universal Machining Centers
Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
Welding Machines & Equipment

Trade Names

Air Curtain
CNC Cooler
Cool Tool
Vortex Tube