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Apex, NC US


As Seen In Production Machining

QC-11 Automation Toolchanger Designed for Cobots
The QC-11 enables automatic exchange of robotic end-effectors without any manual intervention.

ATI Industrial Automation Opens Office in Mexico
ATI Industrial Automation opened a new office in Queretaro, Mexico. ATI’s new office houses sales, customer service and training departments, along with areas for spare parts and product demonstration.


ATI Industrial Automation to Break Ground on Operations Expansion
Driven by high demand for ATI’s end-effector products, the expansion will not only add 200 new jobs it will more than double the robotics tool manufacturing operations to 129,000 square feet.

Company Adopts Employee Stock Ownership Plan
ATI Industrial Automation has established an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Corporate Headquarters Expansion
 ATI Industrial Automation has broke ground for an operations expansion at its corporate headquarters in Apex, N.C.

The Compensator

Correct Alignment Errors
The Compensator, a remote center of compliance (RCC) device that is designed to correct alignment errors with peg-in-hole automated assembly applications, is available from ATI Industrial Automation. The device features shear pads that are stiff axially and compliant laterally to allow automated assembly machines to automatically correct for lateral rotational misalignment, redacting contact force and virtually eliminating galling and jamming, the company says. The center-of-compliance device provides rapid insertion correction allowing high speed automated machines to increase productivity and minimize scrap, downtime and machine damage caused by conventional methods.

Finishing Tool For Irregular Part Patterns
ATI Industrial Automation offers the VersaFinish, an axially compliant finishing tool designed for automated operations on aluminum, plastics, steels and other materials. The low-speed, high-torque tool features a “floating” motor and a spindle arrangement that is engineered to provide the finishing tip with the axial compliance needed to perform consistently on irregular part patterns. Mounted to a robot or CNC machine, the tool is equipped with a vane-type air motor with gear reduction.

Robotic Deburring Tools
Flexfinish, an axially compliant finishing tool ideally suited for robotic and non-robotic material finishing operations on aluminum, plastic, steel, and so on, is available from ATI Industrial Automation. The low-speed, high-torque finishing tool has a "floating" motor and spindle arrangement that provides the finishing tip's axial compliance to perform consistently on irregular part patterns. The tool, mounted to a robot or CNC machine, has a vane-type air motor with gear reduction.

Robotic deburring tool

Robotic Deburring Provides Flexible Alternative
The consistent performance and radial compliance of this device is making companies re-evaluate their manual deburring operations.

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All Other Workpiece Handling, Loading and Feeding Equipment not specified
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Trade Names

Alignment Compensator
Axially Compliant Deburring Tools
Axially Compliant Finishing Tools
Radially Compliant Deburring Tools
Robotic Collision Sensor
Robotic Tool Changer
Six-Axis Force/Torque Sensors
Utility Coupler