AutoCrib, Inc.

2882 Dow Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780 US


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AutoCrib IntelliPort Lite

Inventory Tracking System for Smaller Crib Environments
AutoCrib offers IntelliPort Lite, a radio frequency identification (RFID) portal meant for smaller crib environments than its traditional IntelliPort product.

Barfeeding Small Diameters
This shop may be located off the beaten path but it’s certainly found a successful and profitable home by applying top of the line technology to its medical part production mix.

Carousel Dispensing System
The Rob Crib 2000 Model "D" carousel dispensing system is said to provide distributors and users with even greater flexibility than the company's predecessor. This system has a frameless door, allowing users to vertically orient items and open multiple doors. This design, available in both the Rob Crib 1000 and Rob Crib 2000 "D," enables the machine to dispense long or larger items that were previously impossible to manage in point-of-use dispensing machines.

Inventory Management Application
AutoCrib released its internet-based inventory management application, AutoCrib. net 2. 2.

Fastener Dispensing System
AutoCrib's AutoBin fastener dispensing system is designed to make sure stock outs are eliminated. When the primary portion of the bin becomes empty, the user releases the secondary portion of the bin, providing the back up supply of fasteners or other items. This system provides an immediate electronic re-order signal to a specially designed Web site accessed by the suppliers and notifying them of the need to restock the bins.

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