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Blaser Swisslube develops and produces high-quality cutting and grinding fluids and its customers produce with great success, a wide range of products, from the tiniest of components to large, critical and structural components in all manufacturing industries.

As Seen In Production Machining

Aerial view of Laubscher’s facility

Coolant Supplier Optimizes Customer’s Machining Process
When a precision manufacturer wanted to rebuild the production process for a medical part made on a rotary transfer machine, its metalworking fluids supplier provided more than a new cutting oil.

Emuge's Technology Center

Emuge to Host Joint Open House with Blaser Swisslube, Butler Bros.
The event will feature Emuge’s new Technology Center, machining demonstrations and seminars.

Blaser Swisslube Celebrates 80 Years
The company's microbiologists and laboratory technicians worked on creating coolants of the best quality, as well as on analyzing metalworking fluid samples from customers around the world.

Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluid

Metalworking Fluids Offered
Blaser Swisslube offers high-quality metalworking fluids for applications including production of tiny parts for watchmaking, demanding parts in the medical industry, structural elements for the aircraft industry and mass-produced automotive parts.

Vasco 7000 Bio-Based Semi-Synthetic Emulsion is Formulated for Aerospace
Blaser Swisslube Inc.’s Vasco 7000 is a water miscible, bio-based semi-synthetic emulsion formulated with the latest in metalworking fluid components for the aerospace industry.

Metalworking Fluid Management and Best Practices
Cutting metal is a complex process involving many critical factors to be successful. Correctly applied metalworking fluids, including oils or coolant, is one of these critical factors.

Drew Borders, District Manager
We get a lot out of PMTS.

From Blank to Box
Global Gear & Machining created a new cell that requires no human intervention.

Metalworking Fluids
Vasco 5000 is designed for excellent cutting and grinding performance, providing extended tool life, faster cycle times and better surface finish over competitive water-miscible coolants. This advanced product contains vegetable oil-based esters made of renewable raw materials with excellent skin compatibility for machine operators. The Vascomill 10 for high-pressure oil applications, is especially suited for cutting oil applications in Swiss-style CNC lathes.

Fluids For Grinding Applications
The Grindex line of water miscible synthetic grinding fluids provide ideal rinsing and settling behavior required in modern grinding operations. The fluids are mineral oil-free and run at low concentrations and is best-suited for steel and iron. Two versions of Grindex are available: Grindex 10 and 10CO offer excellent corrosion protection, even when used at low concentrations.

Fluid For Long-Term Sump Life
Blasocut BC 230, the liquid tool that will allow for stability and long-term sump life, is a water-miscible semi-synthetic metalworking fluid for machining and grinding aluminum, cast iron, steel and high-temperature alloys. This fluid is designed to increase productivity, lower tool costs and significantly improve tool and part finish. It rejects tramp oils, requires no biocide additives and has a refractometer reading of 1:1.

Blaser Swisslube Offers Technical Data Guide
- The Blaser product technical data guide includes information about all 21 of Blaser's metalworking fluids- Product article numbers, concentrate data, coolant data and application data/properties for each product are featured- The back of the guide includes a chart for choosing the best product for its specific needs.

Vegetable Cutting Oil
Vascomill 22 straight vegetable-based oil is universal for most operations and materials and offers quality cutting performance and lubricating properties in metal removal operations from low to high cutting speeds, according to Blaser Swisslube. The cutting oil is specially designed to achieve high performance on tough materials when end users need excellent surface finish, tool life and lubricity. These properties make it especially good for medical industry applications as well.

Cutting Fluid CD-ROM
- Contains applications movies of cutting fluids- Offers an overview of metalworking fluid monitoring and maintenance techniques- Demonstrates machine cleaning and filling as well as coolant mixing- Explains the natural biological stability of the Blasocut emulsions.

Water Soluble Metalworking Fluid
Blasocut BC20SW water soluble metalworking fluid contains mineral oil-based micro emulsions for extended tool life. It has been developed specifically for usage with soft water, and it achieves extended sump life through Blaser's biological concept that eliminates the need for tank-side additives or biocides. The fluid is designed for machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and difficult operations.

JKB implants and medical tools

Vegetable Oil Improves Machining Of Medical Devices
Production management at this shop speculated that many of the materials used and operations performed might benefit from the higher level of lubricity characteristic of vegetable oils. Any consequent additional capacity and tool life would be a plus.

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