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Blum LMT, Inc. as part of the Blum-Novotest group is recognized as a developer of leading-edge measurement and testing technology, with some 40 years of experience as supplier for the worldwide machine tool, automotive and aircraft industries.

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Blum-Novotest Announces New Regional Managers
Brian Morris and Andrew Nichols have been appointed positions as southwest regional manager and Midwest regional manager for Blum-Novotest, respectively.

FANUC cobot

Blum-Novotest Showcases New Laser Measuring System, Celebrates 50 Years
At Blum-Novotest’s booth this year the company is showcasing LC50-DIGILOG laser measuring system, a FANUC CR-7iA cobot using a Blum-Novotest bore and a FANUC Robodrill vertical machining center.

VIDEO: Blum-Novotest Offers Array of Measurement Probes 
A visit to Blum-Novotest Inc. in Erlanger, Kentucky, offered a chance to learn about an array of laser probes, touch probes and split system probes, including a probe with a laser for milling tools and a touch probe for static turning tools.

Blum-Novotest Inc. Hires Canadian Regional Manager
Jamie King has joined Blum-Novotest Inc. as Canadian regional manager.

Blum-Novotest Inc. Announces New Southeast Regional Manager
Bob Baldizzi has joined Blum-Novotest Inc. as southeast regional manager.

Blum LMT Changes Name
Blum Laser Measuring Technology Inc. (Blum LMT Inc.), a fully owned subsidiary of Blum-Novotest, GmbH, has changed its name to Blum-Novotest Inc.

Lasers Go Beyond Making Their Mark
Today the laser plays a vital role in many areas, including research, communication, industry, medicine, environmental care and, of course, manufacturing.

Laser Highlights
The number of different laser applications is surprising, yet it continues to grow. Here's a look at a few.

Electronic Probe For Grinding, Turning And Milling
The TC76 is a compact touch probe for measuring operations where a hard-wired probe is required. The machine-mounted touch probe takes full advantage of Blum's measuring system that incorporates optoelectric signal generation by light barrier, with its inherently precise non-lobing touch characteristics. Around the periphery of the device is an LED display giving the operator an optical indication of the trigger state; the probe data transmission is by way of a two-wire (two-pole) M16 × 1 interface.

Measuring System For Combined Turn-Mill Machines
This electronic measuring system specially suited for tool setting for turn-mill centers, combines all the advantages of non-contact laser measuring of rotating tools with the mechanical touch probing of non-rotating tools in five approach directions within a single bolt-on unit, including precise non-lobing touch characteristics and optoelectronic signal generation, according to the company. Blum's shark360 technology, which introduces a face gear measuring mechanism system to perform off-center probing as, for example, when using cranked styli by providing a repeatable home position in the probe. The measuring mechanism gives full protection against coolant and chips, and it can be customized.

Air Operated Shutter

Process-Oriented Measuring Technology For Turning Tools
Because tools create the geometric shape of a workpiece, the accuracy of this shape is dependent on the position of the cutting edge to the workpiece. Therefore, the position of the cutting edge should be identified and maintained as precisely as possible. One reliable method for achieving the accuracy needed is through the use of a laser system for tool setting.

Struder S40cnc cylindrical grinders

Laser Micrometer Measures Parts In Process
Much buzz around the industry is focused on how best to apply CNC in multi-spindle screw machine shops. Some advocate total commitment to the technology, while others believe a mixture of mechanical and electronic actuation is the ticket. We visited multi-spindle builder Euroturn to see how it decides what an appropriate level of CNC and mechanical actuation is.

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