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<p>From cost-effective basic machining controls to advanced systems, Bosch Rexroth offers open, cutting-edge CNC platforms that enhance the value and productivity of machine tools and machining operations, delivering the highest levels of CNC performance and precision.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

IndraMotion MTX CNC: Open up to increased performance


When it comes to CNC solutions, openness is key to improving productivity and flexibility in today's complex and demanding cutting, forming and machine applications.

IndraMotion MTX is the scalable CNC platform with integrated PLC for machining and forming applications. It features open technology that lets you scale from individual machines to control a networked system for large-scale production. IndraMotion MTX offers four platforms – micro, standard, performance and advanced ─ so you can build the best CNC solution for your operations.

MTX advanced: The CNC control system with a performance plus for highly dynamic multi-technology machines. Thanks to the multi-core processor and large RAM, it delivers with optimal performance, even for complex projects.

Sixty independent CNC channels can control up to 99 axes, of which 32 can have a spindle function. Future-proof Industrial Ethernet with Sercos, PROFIBUS and Fast Ethernet are also on board. In addition, a whole series of functions is available for performing complex interpolation, axis coupling, special kinematics, fast I/O coupling and much more.

MTX performance: This platform is targeted at fast machining centers used in tough industrial environments. The control system delivers excellent performance and offers extensive technology functions for special requirements. Twelve independent CNC channels can control up to 64 axes, of which 32 can have a spindle function. 

MTX standard: Designed to control universal machines and machining centers with up to eight axes in two independent CNC channels. The control system is combined with the panels of the IndraControl V product family for operation and visualization. 

MTX micro: Compact, high-performance and cost-effective, MTX micro is the solution for standard lathes and milling machines. It provides all functions required by small CNC machines and supports up to 12 axes through two CNC channels – with minimal commissioning.


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You set the requirements for your machine, your project, your system.

MTX micro: Compact CNC plus free training tool

Simple, powerful and low-cost, the IndraMotion MTX micro consists of a custom HMI interface and a compact multi-axis drive controller with high-capacity CNC control and PLC.

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Bosch Rexroth industrial drive products

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Machining unit

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IndraControl VAK Operator Keyboards
IndraControl VAM HMI
IndraControl VCH HMI
IndraControl VCP HMI
IndraControl VEP HMI
IndraDrive C
IndraDrive Cs
IndraDrive M
IndraDrive Mi
IndraMotion MLC
IndraMotion MLD
IndraMotion MTX advanced
IndraMotion MTX micro
IndraMotion MTX performance
IndraMotion MTX standard
Open Core Engineering
Rexroth 4EE
Safety on Board
Safety on Board
Sytronix DFe
VarioFlow plus