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Manual, Power And Precision Chucks
- Catalog provides detailed features, application data and specifications for Buck Chuck's complete line of standard manual, power and precision series of chucks - Operation features, photo illustrations, line drawings, jaw options and tabled specs that include dimensional data, gripping ranges and part numbers are included for each category of chuck -  Mounting plate options and reversible hard top jaws and soft jaws are featured, and more .

Expanding Lineup Of Precision Scroll Chucks
Buck Chuck has added to its available lineup of manual, self-centering Ajust-Tru Scroll Chuck (ATSC) to include 22 variations of sizes and styles with the addition of two 15"-diameter configurations. The units feature a solid steel body, and their level of precision and repeatability makes these chucks well suited for lathes and turning center applications as well as for integration with machining center workholding and other processing systems requiring rotary-type fixturing, the company says. The company also offers 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12" diameter sizes, with through-the-spindle diameters from 1.

Precision Air Chucks And More
Buck Chuck, a division of ITW Workholding, offers two-jaw and three-jaw air chucks in diameters of 4", 6" and 8". With 1 micrometer repeatability accuracy, the chucks feature pre-machined tap holes to reduce the need for field modifications. They include a lubrication path for connection to auto-lubrication systems as well as a built-in cylinder to generate stable pressures for gripping power and precision.

Advanced Power Chucks--Buck Forkardt
The the new QLC and QLK advanced power chucks have bigger through-hole sizes to handle larger diameter work. Designed for high production, the new "King Size" models have 3.03" to 6.61" through-holes. In addition, the QLC chucks feature centrifugal force compensation for high gripping forces at higher cutting speeds

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