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Company Profile

Camfil APC offers the most technologically advanced dust, fume and mist collectors available – backed by dependable service support and decades of experience.

Camfil APC Mission Statement

We will clean dust, mist and fumes from factories, making them safe and more productive.

Camfil APC Launches Affordable, Small-Footprint Mist Collector for Smaller Machine Shops

JONESBORO, Ark., November 26, 2018 – The EM-O Compact mist collector from Camfil APC is an affordable option for smaller machine shops looking to provide a cleaner and safer work environment.

As Seen In Production Machining

mist collector

EM-O Mist Collector Provides Clean Environment to Small Shops
The EM-O Compact mist collector from Camfil APC is designed for smaller machine shops looking to provide a cleaner and safer work environment.

Hemipleat filters

Pleating Technology Extends Filter Life
The company says that because virtually all of the media surface is exposed to the airstream, the filters can be changed out less frequently, saving time and maintenance costs.

Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters

iSMFs Capture Toxic Dust and Save Space
Camfil APC dust collectors have Integrated Safety Monitoring Filters (iSMFs) that are available in HEPA-grade or ASHRAE-grade and that contain hazardous particulates as the unit allows filters to be located prior to the fan, keeping them under negative pressure.

Handte Oil Expert

Handte Oil Expert Mist Collector Removes Ultra-Fine Mists
Camfil APC’s Handte Oil Expert eliminates the ongoing housekeeping expenses required to remove oil from heating and cooling equipment, other machinery and workplace surfaces.

Handte EM Profi

Mist Collector Supports Continuous Machine Operation
Handte’s EM Profi emulsion mist collectors, available from Camfil APC, delivers high collection efficiencies as well as continuous operation capability for reduced maintenance, easier servicing and lower operating costs.

Product Categories of Camfil Air Pollution Control

Coolant Reclamation Equipment
Dust Collectors & Air Filtration
Oil Filtration & Treatment

Trade Names

EM-O Compact (mist collector)
Gold Series X-Flo (dust collector)
Handte EM Profi (mist collector)
Handte Oil Expert (mist collector)
Zephyr (portable fume collector)