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As Seen In Production Machining

Project 70+ PDB Custom 630 Stainless Enhanced for Improved Feeds and Speeds
Boston Centerless is the exclusive distributor of Project 70+ PDB Custom 630 (17Cr-4Ni) stainless produced by Carpenter Technology Corporation.

Custom 630 Joins Stainless Family for Swiss-Type Screw Machines
Carpenter Technology has expanded the Project 70 + PDB stainless portfolio of precision machining bar designed for CNC Swiss-type screw machines by adding Project 70+ PDB Custom 630 (17Cr-4Ni) stainless.

Project 70 + PDB Stainless for Swiss-Type Screw Machines Help Maximize Productivity
Carpenter Technology Corporation’s PROJECT 70 + PDB stainless steel, a family of machining bar designed specifically for use with CNC Swiss-type screw machines, are precision drawn to ASTM half standard or ISO H9 tolerances and possess characteristics that can help machine shops maximize their productivity, the company says.

Alloy Combines Strength and Toughness Properties
Carpenter Technology Corporation has developed a new ultra high-strength steel alloy that is a lower-cost alternative to many cobalt-containing precipitation hardenable alloys.

Switching Material Improves Productivity, Bar None
Serving the exacting and specialized requirements of the medical implant industry requires manufacturers to not only use the most precise, state-of-the-art metalworking equipment, but also high quality raw materials, including precision ground bar capable of offering tight dimensional tolerances and exceptional diameter uniformity.

Small-Diameter Titanium Machining Bar
A line of small-diameter titanium machining bar offers improved quality, higher productivity and cost savings to manufacturers making small, intricate, precision parts on Swiss-type automatic screw machines. The Dynamet titanium Ultrabar can be considered for posts, abutments and healing caps in dental implants, as well as parts in other industries requiring similarly stringent dimensional tolerances. The titanium bar is said to offer tighter dimensional tolerances, along with roundness, straightness and finish requirements while maintaining an unprecedented level of consistency from bar end to bar end and lot to lot.

Specialty Shaped Products
- Lists typical examples of specialty shaped products with charts and dimensions to illustrate- Charts denote size parameters for square, rectangular, welded and tubular size ranges- Illustrates the coils or cut lengths available- Explains typical applications for these specialty shaped products .

Stainless Machining Bar Products For Demanding Applications
The Project 70+ family of premium stainless machining alloys are designed for demanding machining applications such as aerospace, indstrial and automotive components and are available in six grades. These include Project 70+ Type 303 stainless, Type 304/304L stainless, Type 316/316L stainless, Type 416 stainless, Custom 630 stainless and 15Cr-5Ni stainless. Type 303 stainless offers better nongalling properties than Type 304 and improves formability for extended die life.

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How To Purchase Metals On The Internet
This primer for screw machine shop owners explains how to to search for material supplliers online.

Stainless Machining Bars
In its specialty alloys division, the company makes Project 7000 stainless machining bars. Advantages are said to include fast machining speeds, lot-to-lot uniformity, improved surface finish and decreased tool wear. In its Rathbone division, the company has precision drawn near net shape machining bars. Carpenterdi

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