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The rock solid FBL-530C heavy-duty horizontal turning lathe

More rigidity. More power. 25% more torque. It’s more machine for your money. So you can turn your large workpieces perfectly. Every time.

Chevalier’s FBL-530C is an incredibly versatile machine that helps manufacturers with a wide range of needs and features a 12.5" spindle bore. The slant bed lathes are stable, highly accurate machines that can handle rough- and fine-turning operations for large workpieces. Its structure, capacity, power and accessories underscore the machine’s ability to expertly and ruggedly handle various operations in an efficient, productive manner.

Capacity: Spindle bore diameter is 12.5". Maximum swing diameter is 40"; maximum turning diameter is 37". The series features an optional dual-chuck capability of more stability for longer parts.

Structure: Heat-treated to Rockwell 55-degree and stress relieved. Features a 45-degree slant-bed design, comprised of single-piece Meehanite cast iron with wide-span, ribbed box structure. Four oversized box ways, 5.1" wide and 3.1" thick, provide strong stability and support.

Power: Powerful 60 HP spindle motor features a three-stage gear headstock and generates 4,135 NM torque, satisfying most cutting conditions of large-diameter work pieces or tough material applications.

Turret: 12-Station hydraulic turret with massive, 7.8" (200 mm) thick disk and hydraulic clamping of its curvic-coupling design ensure cutting stability during rough-turning environments.

Accessories: The programmable tailstock provides auto positioning with hydraulic quill. The tailstock also has a built-in MT-6 rotary quill that provides better parts weight support than a normal live-center type of quill. Standard link-type chip conveyor and oil skimmer is also a standard accessory.

For more information, contact: Johnson Lan, of Chevalier Machinery Inc., at (562) 903-1929 or email: or visit us on the web at

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About Chevalier Machinery Established more than 30 years ago, Chevalier Machinery USA is a leading manufacturer of grinding, turning and milling machining centers.

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