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CJWinter® is the industry leader in thread rolling solutions for CNC, multi-spindle, Swiss, and Hydromat® applications.


Order from CJWinter® and enjoy the fastest delivery time from the industry leader in thread rolling solutions for CNC and multi-spindle machines.

As Seen In Production Machining

Roll Arm Brackets for Tough Applications
They are especially useful for shops looking to roll larger parts and coarser threads with a more rigid and stronger assembly, designed to reduce production issues and increase attachment life.

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Learn to Improve Production on Swiss-Types, Hybrids at PMTS
The PMTS 2019 schedule includes a Tech Talk about improving businesses by using the right tools on Swiss-type machines and a showfloor demo of a hybrid machine.

Stop by for These PMTS Tech Talk and Showfloor Demo Presentations
The PMTS 2019 Tech Talk and Showfloor Demo schedule includes presentations from CJ Winter/Davenport and Tsugami/Rem Sales. Take advantage of these learning opportunities at the show!

CJWinter Products Extend Die Life
CJWinter’s thread-rolling products and expertise enable it to serve as a solution for its customers. 

CJWinter employees

PMPA Member CJWinter Finds Success in Superior Customer Service and Quick Turnaround Times
Although initially focused on the manufacturing of tooling and accessories for Davenport screw machines, today CJWinter is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cold-displacement, cylindrical dies and attachments.

Large-Diameter Dies
While many foreign competitors were pulling back during the recent recession, this company expanded their capabilities and capacity in the large-diameter die market.

When Time is on Your Side, Use It!
I received a story from thread roller maker, C.J. Winter which talks about how the company used the recession to finally look at some of the easily put off things that needed to be done with the business.

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Competing On A Multi-Spindle
For many high-volume applications, multi-spindle automatics are the right technology for production machining. Increasingly, that production efficiency has been pressured by changes in the needs of shops in the form of shorter run jobs and higher tolerances. This article looks at some of the steps one OEM has taken to address quick change-over issues on its multi-spindle machines and their tooling.

Quick-Change Tooling
CJWinter offers Quick Change Tooling (QCT), taking change-over of sideworking and endworking tools on the Davenport from hours to minutes. The QCT package eliminates time-consuming adjustments and changing of tools, according to the company. The QCT stationary and revolving spindles are said to make it easier to change endworking tools for a Davenport machine.

Mark Lawrence of C.J. Winter Machine Technologies, Rick Vice of Cam-Tech Inc. and Paul Allart of C.J.

Military Supplier Delivers On Spec, On Time
When your only product is socket set screws and your primary customers are the demanding aerospace and military markets, quality and uptime are paramount. Your multi-spindle machines need to be reliable and easily reconfigured to produce a new part at a moment’s notice.

Model 190 End-Rolling Attachment for Thread Rolling
The company has introduced an end-rolling attachment for thread rolling applications on CNC turning centers, Swiss, multi-spindle machines and others. The Model 190 features a single-piece front-plate design that provides high rigidity for long tool life and better quality threads, the company says. The single-piece design is said to provide thread roll protection.

Tangential Thread Rolling Attachment
The new NC41 Series Tangential Thread Rolling Attachment is said to provide reliable service with a high degree of versatility and ease of use unmatched in the CNC thread rolling industry. Compact yet able to handle a wide range of sizes, this head incorporates several attachment features. The pitch diameter knob is said to allow easy adjustment without tools.

Thread Rolling
Hakusui USA has introduced Mist-R-Cool, a stand alone cooling system with ECOREG technology that can be adapted to existing machine tools to provide the similar cooling and lubrication performance. Mist-R-Cool is available in models to serve a single machine or two machines at one time. The patented ECOREG system blends water plus very small amounts of coolant and lubricant which is dispensed at extremely high pressure in the form of a super particulate mist stream.

Cecil Continuous Parts Cleaning System

Continuous Cleaning System For Machined Parts
Virtually all precision machined part manufacturers require a method of cleaning their parts prior to shipment to their customers. And because many machine shops cut with oil, parts cleaning is usually a complicated multi-step process.

Thread Rolling Solutions
TurretJet Universal Coolant Nozzles are now rated for operating pressures up to 150 psi (originally 40 psi). This allows them to be used in many machine tools having high pressure coolant pumps. TurretJets fit both NPT and BSPT threads, are rugged, compact, quick and easy to aim, and are difficult to accidentally k

Thread Rolling Attachment
The tangential thread rolling attachments feature an easy-to-use pitch diameter adjustment that can be used without any tools. The 360-degree compensator makes it easy to synchronize thread rolls without the need to remove the attachment from the machine. This compact attachment can handle a wide range of thread ran

C.J. Winder Reverseible Slide

Relief For Sloppy Slides
Few screw machine shops can escape the inevitability of tighter tolerance demands from customers. Getting the most accurate tool travel from a screw machine is a key component to consistent part production.

Reversible Slide Attachement
The company will display the new 132 EG Series Reversible Slide that lets a Davenport act like a six-spindle machine. This slide fits both first and second positions and incorporates a precision-fit dovetail expansion gib. Its precision and rigidity virtually eliminates chatter while making deeper and wider cuts in

Reversible Slide Allows Six-Spindle Machining
The new 132 EG Reversible Slide fits both first and second positions and incorporates a precision-fit dovetail expansion gib. Its precision and rigidity are said to virtually eliminate chatter while making deeper and wider cuts in both the first and second positions. The new patented design precision-fit dovetail ex

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