Clean Air America, Inc.

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As Seen In Production Machining

ScandMist Eliminates Particulate Matter from Air
Clean Air America helps eliminate mist and particulate matter from the air in a production environment.

oil mist removal system

System Removes Oil Mist and Smoke from Air
Designed to extract oil smoke and mist from the environment, the Clean Air America ScandMist oil mist removal system uses a three-stage process for most applications where the first two stages are designed specifically for emulsion or neat oil, and the third filter is a H13 HEPA (99.995 percent).

Oil Mist Filter for Production Machines
The Clean Air ScandMist filter separates oil and emulsion mist and fumes created by modern machine tools and returns cleaned air directly to the production area.

Product Categories of Clean Air America, Inc.

Dust Collectors & Air Filtration
Oil Filtration & Treatment