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CMS North America

CMS SpA was founded in 1969, C.M.S. SpA is the parent company of CMS North America, as a brand that brings together five divisions with a worldwide sales and customer service network. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, it is dedicated to the sales, support, and service of its customers, their CMS machines, staff training, and long term interests for the efficient usage of technology and continuing communication of its technological developments.

CMS’ consistency in excellent price to performance ratios, production volumes, and exclusive solutions along with a variety of models, all serve to satisfy a wide array of production requirements. CMS solutions come from experience gained in leading-edge technological sectors, and feature state of the art machine tools specially designed for machining advanced materials. CMS has a long standing and renowned specialization in the production of multiaxis CNC machining centers, thermoforming machines, and water-jet cutting systems. The firm has over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of advanced machines and decades of successful growth in aerospace, automotive, marine, wind power, eyewear, building, mechanicals, molds, prototypes, stone, glass and wood processing. CMS’ unprecedented ingenuity extends to patented designs and manufacturing for its own electro spindle with the high torque and speed essential for cutting carbon fiber and aluminum. These result in top-rank performance in terms of acceleration, speed, and accuracy. As well as represents a major advantage over competitor metal-cutting machines that are not designed to cope with the difficulties of dust extraction and containment, protection of moving parts, piece clamping and location, and working area visibility.

From the beginning CMS North America recognized the need for strong, consistent, customer support and developed a 24/7/365 phone support system. Customers can enter their machine serial number and password to receive around the clock support for machine emergencies. CMS also developed a special customer call logging system, which provides email communication of the original request and status information to the company’s. The technical staff, being about one-half of the company personnel, are well-trained and knowledgeable for the 1700+ machines already installed and under support. The average tenure of the technical staff is 15+ years, with continuing training and certification by CMS for technical skills, representing the awareness of a long term commitment to its customers. This vast range of productions, combined with processing quality and precision, offers flexible, innovative, and effective solutions to meet the various production process phases related to customer needs.

The Ares 3618 advanced materials machining system is an adaptable five-axis CNC machining center. Its monobloc frame structure ensures rigidity, stability, and accuracy for longevity and valuable service. The Ares five-axis milling machine utilizes a mobile bridge which travels from side to side on rigid support beams at the front and back of its monobloc frame structure. Ares’ B and C axes are equipped with an automatically inserted pneumatic braking system, which locks the axis movement when either the B or C axis interpolated movement is not required. When so locked, the breaking system results in a valuable three-axis rigidity on a five-axis system. Along with these features, this machine also incorporates the Siemens Machine Tool System, 840D. A system that contains technological information that supports both builders and operators of the machine, and automation solutions. Siemens technology adapts to surface quality and shortens both cutting time and chip to chip times as well. These controllers are meticulously designed to exceed expectation requirements for extreme robustness and continuous machining times.

The Idroline S is the first waterjet system with an active method for controlling the speed and kerf of the jet; the first with a 5 axis cutting head with continuous height following, and the first production waterjet system to provide an isolated cutting environment, providing for maximum operator safety and noise reduction. It is capable of effortlessly cutting aluminum, steel, titanium, and other metals, as well as stone, plastic, glass, and other materials. This machine also obtains a dual drive rack and pinion gantry with precision ground rails, optimal for minimum backlash and insures a guarantee in maximum handling throughout its years in use. Enabling both high precision and speed, while maintaining safety components including but not limited to a Z-axis motor brake able to pause movement in the event of voltage drop and a working area protected by light curtains reinforced by a pneumatic safety door.

The DMC M950 is a compact deburring-finishing machine designed to meet a variety of production requirements for diversified machining. It allows to better satisfy all deburring requirements of metallic surfaces due to the several customizing machine compositions and the technical features equipped with the most innovative technologies developed by CMS. This machine guarantees excellent results in any smoothing and finishing operations with the photocells’ presence detection system to always ensure the correct centering of the abrasive belt. Along with the presence detection system is the quick abrasive disc replacement system allowing the operator to rapidly set the machine up for any kind of application and a 2620mm length belt for better cooling of the abrasive grit. Because of its personalized equipment and intuitive software interface, this machine produces with consistent efficiency at extreme ease.

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