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Renovated Office

Cobra Carbide Invests $10 Million for Expansion

If you haven’t heard of Cobra Carbide, you will surely know the name very soon. This is the belief that is spearheading the calculated expansion of the Southern California based Carbide Cutting Tools company. Under the direction of President, Rakesh Aghi, and Vice-President, Patrick Davis, the company has undergone a thorough process of updating their machines and resetting the company culture.


Cobra Carbide’s priorities have always revolved around the customers, and this expansion will further attest to the company’s beliefs. As the company sold off operations in India, the company completely manufactures everything in-house; all their tools are Made in the USA. Cobra Carbide has not only purchased 8 brand new machines, but the company has also expanded its warehouse by purchasing its adjacent building to increase its capacity from 9,000 sq ft. to 20,000 sq ft. The exterior and interior of the building has also been renovated.


The overarching mantra of the company, “Business is earned, not given,” is instilled in all current and incoming employees. The company’s expansion is not just limited to tangible capital, but it is also for the internal restructuring of the company. “Punctuality, discipline, diligence, and integrity is expected from every single employee. This may sound difficult for employees to practice on a daily basis, but Cobra Carbide also makes sure its employees are well-treated and maintain happiness” says Patrick Davis (Cobra Carbide Vice-President).


It seems clear that Cobra Carbide is poised to make a mark beyond their respective industry. Remember where you heard it first; Cobra Carbide will be a known name in the near future.


A Message from Cobra Carbide

About Our Company...

Cobra Carbide is located in Riverside, California.

BLACK MAMBA: High-Performance Coolant-Fed Drills

Brief Overview: 140° point angle and high performance geometry allows for high penetration rates.

ADDER: Ultra-Performance Universal Endmills

Second to NONE: Simply the best available on the market.

Customer Testimonials: Speeds & Feeds

Here at Cobra Carbide, we feel that it’s important to contact our customers to ensure that our products are living up to not only the standards that we set, but to their standards as well.

Product Categories of Cobra Carbide

End Mills
Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts

Trade Names

Adder - Universal Endmill
Black Mamba-CoolantFed Drill
Krait – High Feed Endmills
Viper – Variable Helix Endmills