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Company Profile

Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc. designs and manufactures specialty tooling for the worldwide metal machining industries.

Precision tools for the metalworking industry

Cogsdill Roll-a-Finish tools offer you a fast, clean, and economical method of sizing and finishing metal parts to exacting specifications.

Precision tools for the metalworking industry

Deburring holes is usually a costly and time-consuming operation.

Precision tools for the metalworking industry

Shefcut® precision reamers and boring tools are designed to produce accurately sized, extremely straight and round bores with fine surface finishes.

As Seen In Production Machining

Cogsdill Appoints Mann Sales & Marketing as Representative
Cogsdill Tool Products appoints Mann Sales & Marketing as a representative in New England.

burnishing tools

Cogsdill Tools Designed for Use in Limited Space
Cogsdill Tool’s Micro-Roller Burnishing Tool series is designed with short tool projections for use where limited space is available.

Micro deburring tool

Micro Burraway Tools Deburr Both Sides of Holes
Cogsdill’s Micro Burraway series of micro deburring tools will deburr both sides of holes, handling the increasing demand for deburring smaller and smaller hole. 

E-Z Burr Operates Independently after Cogsdill Acquisition
Cogsdill Tool Products Inc. has recently acquired the E-Z Burr Tool Co., with Cogsdill continuing to operate E-Z Burr as an independent company with production and support of E-Z Burr products from their Michigan facility. 

Cogsdill chamber burnishing tool

Chamber Burnishing Tools for Low-, High-Volume Production
Eastec 2017: Cogsdill Tool Products’ line of chamber burnishing tools (CBTs) offers a standard system for burnishing seven popular handgun chamber calibers and seven rifle chamber calibers.

Shefcut Non-Adjustable Reamers Produce Bores with Fine Finishes
These reamers are for applications where the bore tolerance is ± 0.0005” (0.0127 mm) or more.

UBT-T4 Universal Single Roll Burnishing Tool Offers Compact Design
This turning holder-style tool is designed for, but not limited to, use on multi-spindle automatic and screw machines.

hole finishing tools

Hole-Finishing Tools
The company’s hole-finishing tools include Burraway and Burr-Off mechanical hole-deburring tools, for controlled edge break or burr removal on both sides of holes in one pass, and Shefcut precision reaming and boring tools, for accurate size, fine finish and superior hole geometry. Tools for burnishing will include multi-roll, single-roll and diamond burnishing tools, for accurate sizing, fine finishing, and work-hardening of bores and shafts, according to the company. Also available are automatic recessing tools, for fast, accurate, and repeatable grooving, recessing, facing and chamfering, including internal operations in deep bores.

Cogsdill Recessing Tool Catalog

Automatic Recessing Tools
• Catalog includes automatic recessing and grooving tools, generating heads and precision chamfering tools • Details recessing heads suited to specific applications and machine types, including standard, non-stocked and special designs • Basic operating principles are presented, along with application examples and setup and operating instructions .

Back-Spotfacing And Chamfering Tools
- Brochure features new tool design for Flipcut back-spotfacing and chamfering tools from Cogsdill Tool Products- Photos, specifications and operating guidelines, including cutter installation and setting, are included- Cutter regrinding information is featured as well.

Back-Spotfacing Tool Designs
Cogsdill Tool Products’ Flipcut design has been refined for better tool performance. Now steel with brazed carbide, the design offers an improved method for cutter retention allowing precise location for reliable and consistent cutter replacement. The new tool design is better suited to modified and special cutter designs.

Burnishing Tool For Turning And Boring
Universal Burnishing Tools are available for turning or boring-type applications from Cogsdill Tool. The tools achieve low surface finishes on shafts, faces, tapers, contours and large IDs (2. 75"/70 mm).

Automatic Recessing Head For External Grooving
The ARX automatic recessing head cuts external grooves and recesses with consistent accuracy. Because the head converts axial spindle movement into radial cutting action, the tool can be used on a drill press or on CNC machines, milling machines or turret lathes. The standard head is fitted with a pilot and cutter designed to suit the application.

Burnish Internal Or External Tapers
Tapers of any angle, internal or external, can be roller burnished with Roll-a-Finish tools. Designed to suit the application, the tools produce low microinch finishes and work-hardened, wear-resistant surfaces. Other special designs are available to burnish flat surfaces, contours, spheres and almost any part configuration.

Back-Spotfacing And Chamfering Tool
-Describes how the FlipCut tool performs back-spotfacing and chamfering operations in one setup-Explains that the cutter flips open to machine a back spotface or back chamfer and flips back to the closed position for withdrawal, and no refixturing or repositioning of the workpiece is required.

Back-Spotfacing And Chamfering
This brochure discusses operating and regrinding procedures for the company’s FlipCUT tool, which provides back-spotfacing and chamfering in one setup. .

Catalog And Product Videos On CD
This CD includes digital catalogs with product specs, tool operating parameters and application information, and animated videos explain product benefits, and more. .

Recessing Tool For Chip Evacuation
The Nobur JA-2000 automatic recessing tool features in-bore pilot support for deep-bore recessing and grooving. The tool is designed with directed internal coolant for improved chip evacuation in heavier cuts, longer tool life, better tool function and improved repeatability, according to the company. An optional side port in the housing allows for through-the-tool coolant on machines that lack through-coolant spindles.

Reamers In Two Lengths
The company's Shefcut World Reamer program includes single-blade, pad-guided tools of a standard design suited for precision reaming applications. The tools are available in popular hole sizes, both metric and inch and are available on a quick delivery basis, according to the company. Blanks are stocked and tools can be built to suit a specific hole diameter.

Burnishing Tools
The company offers burnishing tools including standard internal and external Roll-a-Finish tools and special roller burnishing tool designs for burnishing tapers, faces and contours. It also offers single-point burnishing tools, including Diamond and Universal single-roll burnishing tools. .

Precision Reaming & Boaring
The Shefcut precision reaming and boring tools is highlighted in a 44-page brochure. The tools' designs, applications, blade options, setting fixtures, operating requirements, machining guide and application data sheet are just some of the information included. .

Product Categories of Cogsdill Tool Products, Inc.

Boring Tools & Heads for Machining Centers
Burnishing Tools (Roller)
Burnishing, Honing & Lapping Tools
Chamfering Tools
Deburring Tools (Machine Tool Spindle-Mounted)
Diamond Tools
Facing Tools/Heads
Grooving Tools
Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
Knurling Tools
Reaming Attachments
Recessing Attachments
Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change

Trade Names

Diamond Burnishing Tool
KB Process
Madison Microller
Smooth Edge Deburring Tool - SEDT
Universal Burnishing Tool
World Reamer