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As Seen In Production Machining

American-Driven Tools for Swiss Machines
Command Tooling Systems LLC’s line of driven tools for Swiss machines is designed, manufactured and serviced in the U.S. and are designed to provide runout needed for the manufacturing of medical parts.

Partners in THINC Welcomes New Partner
Command Tooling Systems LLC has joined Partners in THINC.

Keeping Manufacturing On-Shore with Machine Automation
Many American metalworking companies are making important decisions that are helping to keep manufacturing in the U.S., whether this means they are purchasing equipment that makes them more efficient or adapting their entire processes accordingly.

Driven Tools And Static Toolholders
Command Tooling Systems' EWS driven tool and static toolholder lines are available in both VDI and BMT styles. Within the extensive driven tool and static toolholder lines is the EWS' Varia System. This quick-change system with a single clamping point connection system available for driven, static and special appli

High-Performance Reamer
The Urma CircoTec RX reamer features a faster feed rate, longer tool life and ease of use over comparable reaming systems, according to the company. The reamers are available in a large diameter range from 0. 468" (11.

Presetter For Precision Machining
Command Tooling Systems' Digiset 6 presetter makes presetting boring and milling tools quick and easy, according to the company. The presetter features digital camera imaging that shows measuring results almost instantly on the on-board color display. Operators can manage as many as 1,000 tools simultaneously and choose from programs that perform axial and radial runout inspection, cutting-edge inspection, zero-point monitoring and measurement of multi-bladed tools.

Shrink-Fit Toolchangers And Toolholders
Command Tooling Systems' ThermoLock Shrink-Fit product line has added metric BT, DIN and various HSK toolholders, 3-degree tapered nose extensions along with five new toolchangers. Extensions allow tools to fit in difficult-to-reach areas and expand the use of larger holders to use smaller tools. The system has no moving parts, set screws, collets or nosepieces, yet is designed to provide excellent 360° concentric clamping force and the highest degree of balance available, the company says.

Balancing Products For Tooling And Holemaking
Command Tooling Systems expands its tooling and holemaking balance products including expanded custom balancing, the introduction of four balancing machines as well as its balanceable boring systems. An established level of balance is standard on the company's toolholders before they are shipped from the plant. Standard balance levels vary depending on the tool holder and range from G2.

Solid Carbide Reaming System
A solid carbide system for reaming diameters of 1. 72" (43. 6 mm) to 3.

CD-ROM Product Catalog(2)
- CD catalog is based on the company's 200-plus page print catalog that includes toolholder and boring system product specifications, updates and additions- Features product information, product detail and charts and/or diagrams- Includes two brochures that showcase Command's balancer and shrink-fit toolchanger  .

Collet Chucks Improve Machining Parameters
Command Tooling Systems' line of DR (ER) 32 Shorty collet chucks for tool shank diameters from 0. 790" to 0. 787".

Shrink-Fit Toolholders And Extensions
Command Tooling Systems' 60 small-sized holders, part of the Thermolock toolholder series, are designed for tools as small as 1/8" and metric sizes as small as 3 mm. The company also offers Thermolock extensions designed for small-diameter tools that expand the functionality of larger toolholders. The toolholders incorporate Shrinker technology and are designed for carbide tools and high speed die and mold applications.

Drilling And Chamfering In One Operation
Command Tooling has combined drilling and chamfering into a single operation. Its offering of solid carbide drills--in combination with a chamfer collar collet chuck system--can be used instead of special step drills in many applications from 5/32" to 3/4" (4 mm to 20 mm). This drill/chamfer combination was designed to perform at recommended drill parameters to the full depth of the hole.

3D Edge Locator
Command Tooling Systems' Zero Master detects workpiece edges from the spindle centerline. This 3D edge locator is designed to eliminate errors with precise workpiece location. The unit measures X, Y or Z axes down to 0.

Fluid-Driven Keyway Cutter
The company has introduced the New Axis keyway cutter, which is designed to decrease floor-to-floor cycle times by eliminating secondary broaching or milling operations, the company says. Driven by a machining center's coolant system, the cutter machines keyways and splines--without spindle rotation--in bores down to a 1/2" in diameter.   By harnessing the pressure of the machining center's coolant system, the cutter is said to combine keyway cutting with turning and/or boring operations.

Product Categories of Command Tooling Systems LLC

Arbors (for Cutters)
Balancing Machines
Boring Tools for Turning Machines
Broaching Tools
Calibration Equipment
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Trade Names

Blue Chip
CircoTec RX
Digiset 2
LBS: Long Boring System
Mass Symmetry
Micro Precision
Urma Alpha and Beta Modul
Varia Quick Change
XT Precision