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A Profile Of Productivity

The medical and dental industries are a perfect fit for small parts production on a Davenport. The tool die pin, used by dentists, stabilizes false teeth in dentures.

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Company Profile

Davenport Machine Tool Company was founded in 1894 by Mr.

A Profile Of Productivity

Approximately one third of all screw machine parts produced in the United States are used in the assembly of automobiles or other segments of the automotive industry.

A Profile Of Productivity

Davenport is a proven machine in the defense industry.

As Seen In Production Machining

H & R Screw Machine Products

PMPA Member H & R Screw Machine Products Finds Success in its Wide Customer Base and Diverse Machining Capabilities
When it was founded in 1976, H & R Screw Machine Products was no more than a single Brown & Sharpe screw machine in a small building located behind the home of founder, David Halladay.

Last American Multi-Spindle Builder Keeps Moving Forward
Davenport's CEO discusses future plans for this machine tool icon in our August Last Word column. Mr. Laniak talks about the history of Davenport and his plans to move the company forward with the application of technology that makes sense.

American Multi-Spindle Icon Keeps Moving Forward
In many respects, Davenport Machine’s legacy is both a blessing and a curse.

The Davenport Rebuild
The most difficult task for us was to overcome the reputation of the old Davenport for high prices, poor quality and bad attitude. In the last decade, we have done that, I think.

Davenport: A 10-Year Update
Fooling yourself that the old machine doesn't cost anything except parts is, in my opinion, a mistake.

Moving Up to CNC for Smaller Lot Sizes
This small shop has a large presence. CNC is playing a significant role in the company’s ability to deliver parts for the big stage.

Manufacturer Stays True to 106-Year-Old Niche
Finding a niche and sticking to it sounds like common sense. Sometimes, however, companies get distracted, even bored, with a niche. That’s never been a problem for the Fischer family.

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Competing On A Multi-Spindle
For many high-volume applications, multi-spindle automatics are the right technology for production machining. Increasingly, that production efficiency has been pressured by changes in the needs of shops in the form of shorter run jobs and higher tolerances. This article looks at some of the steps one OEM has taken to address quick change-over issues on its multi-spindle machines and their tooling.

Backworking attachment

Pipe Fittings Produced In A Single Operation
As with many manufacturers today, streamlining production to stay competitive in the global market has become increasingly important at this company. Thatýs why it sought out a machine to produce a double-ended pipe fitting in a single operation as opposed to having to do the back-tapping in an entire second operation.

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Davenport HP
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