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Your partner for industrial metrology   Jenoptik Industrial Metrology is a leading manufacturer and system provider of high-precision, tactile and nontactile production metrology.

Jenoptik Industrial Metrology: Your global source for precision measurement

  Know the facts about your production parts with air gaging, contact, and optical measurement solutions--standard measuring systems or custom systems--all from a single global source focused on helping control processes and improve part quality in the laboratory, in-process and post-process applications, in-line and off-line gaging.

Jenoptik Industrial Metrology: Your global source for precision measurement

Roundscan permits automatic measurement of form and roughness characteristics in one measuring run.

Jenoptik Industrial Metrology: Your global source for precision measurement

The Opticline noncontact CNC shaft gaging system for measuring form, dimensional, and positional tolerances of shaft-type parts in submicron detail, recording results instantly.

As Seen In Production Machining

metrology system

Jenoptik Measuring Systems Enable Precise Roughness
PMTS 2019: Jenoptik’s metrology systems start with four available probe systems, two of which are capable of measuring both roughness and contour measurements.

Optical Shaft Measuring Ensures Fast Precision
Jenoptik Industrial Metrology’s optical shaft measuring devices ensure precision in the shortest possible measuring cycle times, the company says.

Jenoptik Pneumatic Measurement

A Visit to Jenoptik
While in Germany last month, I had the opportunity to visit the Industrial Metrology Division of Jenoptik. Here's a quick look at some of the products the company offers.

W5 and W10

Jenoptik Industrial Metrology Slideshow
Here are some photos from a visit to the Industrial Metrology Division of Jenoptik in Schwenningen, Germany.

New Head of Sales for Jenoptik Lasers
Klaus Büsselmann has gained vast experience working in national and international sales for many years.

Femtosecond Laser Processing in the Medical Device Industry
Recent advances in the laser technology have brought improved capabilities for precision machining—no thermal effects and minimal post processing.

Automated Bore Finish Inspection
Inspection of bores for engine blocks, transmission cases, connecting rods, steering gear cases, and cylinder liners, while necessary to ensure quality surface finishes for effective performance, has historically required an operator to evaluate the finish.

From Blank to Box
Global Gear & Machining created a new cell that requires no human intervention.

Measure Form and Roughness in One Pass
The Roundscan scanning system combines automatic measurement of form, cylindricity and roughness characteristics in a single machine.

Opticline non-contact CNC gaging system

Non-Contact Shaft Measuring System
Hommel-Etamic’s Opticline non-contact CNC shaft gaging system measures form, dimensional and positional tolerances of shaft-type parts in submicron detail, instantly recording results.  The optical measuring machines, available in a range of capacities, are especially useful for medical, aerospace, automotive and other applications producing such complex parts as hip joints, bearings and turbine blades.  Opticline is equally capable on the shop floor, in the metrology lab, or working within a production system.

Optical Sensor Inspects Bore Surfaces
Consisting of an optical sensor, computer and a slide to position the sensor, the IPS-10 internal inspection system from Hommel-Etamic is designed to be installed within a production line to inspect bores with a diameter of 14 mm to 50 mm and depths to 450 mm. Typical cycle times are only seconds per part to produce a complete optical inspection of a bore's inside surface.

Modular Roughness Measuring System
The W55 roughness measurement system from Detroit Precision Hommel is designed to operate within a production line, acquiring and archiving measured values of roughness, profile and waviness, as well as tolerances for any parameter, or to continuously monitor production processes and to upload data to the user's statistics network. The system is capable of storing as many as 30 different workpiece programs for different part numbers or different features on the same part. Each work piece program can be identified by text or digital photo on the large 10" display.

Component Profile

Optical Measuring System For Shaft-Type Parts
For instant results in measuring form, dimensional and positional tolerances of shaft-type parts in submicron detail, Detroit Precision Hommel has introduced the Opticline non-contact CNC shaft gaging system.

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