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Chuck Jaws - Comprehensive Dillon Catalog Available!

We have created a 38-page, color catalog which describes the full line of Dillon Chuck Jaws.

As Seen In Production Machining

Dillon full grip jaw

Dillon Extruded Aluminum Full Grip Pie Jaws Eliminate Porosity
Dillon full grip jaws, machined from 6061 extruded aluminum for increased strength, are now available up to 28” in diameter.

Dillon full grip jaw

Dillon Full Grip Pie Jaws Now Available in 28" Diameter
These jaws can be modified to heights of 10” and widths that extend beyond the chuck face diameter, thus increasing the chuck’s capacity. 

chuck jaws

Dillon Manufacturing Large-Diameter Chuck Jaws Enable Fast Setups
Eastec 2019: Matching workholding to Dillon Manufacturing’s large-diameter (15" to 60") chucks is said to enable faster setups.

chuck jaw

Dillon Jaws Hold Large Diameter Chucks
Dillon Manufacturing’s chuck jaws are designed for large diameter chucks.

hard jaws

Hard Jaws Center and Grip Equally
Hard jaws from Dillon are designed to center the workpiece and grip it equally with each jaw.

Dillon collet pad top jaw system

Collet Pad Jaws Shorten Cycle Times
Collet pad top jaw systems from Dillon Manufacturing enable more aggressive machining to shorten cycle times while providing consistent repeatability.

Chuck Jaws Fit Master Jaws with Hard-to-Find Pitches
Dillon Manufacturing's soft top jaws enable consistent part clamping.

Dillon jaw nut

Jaw Nuts Reduce Change-Over Time
Fast-Trac jaw nuts, from Dillon Manufacturing Inc., convert standard chucks into quick-change chucks, reducing jaw change-over time by 50 percent or more, according to the company.

Dillon staff members holding sign that reads

Dillon Chuck Jaws Achieves ISO Certification Almost 2 Years Early
Dillon Chuck Jaws achieves ISO 9001-2015 certification almost two years ahead of the deadline. 

Full grip jaws

Dillon Chuck Jaws Offered in 6061 Aluminum
Dillon full grip jaws provide widths that extend beyond the chuck face diameter. 

Boring ring

18” Diameter Boring Rings Provide Uniform Pressure on Jaws
Dillon Chuck Jaws’s 18” diameter boring ring is relatively lightweight, allows soft jaws to be machined precisely and grip the intended workpiece more firmly, and provide uniform pressure on all jaws for a consistent bore.

Chuck jaws

Soft Blank Jaws Provide Part Clamping
Dillon’s soft jaw blanks feature reduced setup times, aid concentric performance, provide better chuck balance, and have a longer jaw life because of the increased jaw accuracies. 

Full grip jaws

Full Grip Jaws Hold Workpieces to Maintain Accuracy
Dillon Manufacturing’s full grip jaws completely grip workpieces, holding them in place to maintain repetitive accuracy during high-speed machining operations. 

Jaw forming ring

Dillon Jaw Forming Ring Grips Entire Workpiece Uniformly
Dillon’s jaw forming ring provides a uniform grip on the workpiece, thereby maximizing jaw life for cutting and forming operations as jaw life for requalifying or reforming is maximized by lessening the amount of jaw stock removal required during parts setup.  

Collet Pad Top Jaw Systems

Dillon Collet Pad Jaws Enhance Wokholding Capabilities
Dillon Manufacturing Inc.’s collet pad top jaw systems can convert through-hole chucks to hold small bar and tube stock, can be changed quickly, and adapted to many styles of chucks.

Air Chuck Jaws Style M and R Allow for Precise Repeatability
Available as blank top jaws in 1018 steel or 6061 aluminum, or pie shaped jaws using A360 or 6061 aluminum, plus 1018 steel, they are useful for all types of air chucks.

Dillon Manufacturing full-grip jaws

Full-Grip Jaws Reduce Distortion
Eastec 2017: Dillon Manufacturing’s full-grip jaws are available in diameters ranging from 6" to 24", heights of 2", 4" and 6", and metric sizes ranging from 140 to 630 mm in diameter.

Updated Dillon Chuck Jaw Catalog Available Online
This catalog details the company’s lineup of soft jaws, hard jaws and full grip jaws for Serrated, T & G, Acme, and Square Key type chucks.

Dillon Soft Blank Top Jaws Feature Consistent Part Clamping
The chuck jaws are available in 1018 steel, and 6061 aluminum as well as 4140, 8620 and A2, brass, Delrin, or stainless steel to suit virtually any CNC or manual chuck project involving turned or bored parts.

Dillon Jaw Force Gages Measure Productivity and Safe Grip on Workpieces
With a force range from 0-30,000 lbs, simple to install and easy to use Jaw Force Gages are especially useful for chucks from 6" to 18" (other chucks to maximum 25,000 lbs. rated force per jaw), the company says.

Dillon’s Full Grip Jaws Made from 1018 Steel
Dillon Manufacturing’s full grip jaws made of 1018 CR steel from 6” to 15” in diameter, with heights of 2”, 4”, and 6”, are heat treatable and weldable steel jaws that allow for complete gripping of the workpiece to maintain repetitive accuracy.

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Collet Pads and Collet Pad Jaws
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Dilllon Bullard Jaws
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Dillon Jaws
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