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Company Profile

Edge Technologies is a leading productivity solutions provider to the precision metal working industry. Edge Technologies' family of products specializes in Bar Feeding and Lathe Automation products.

Edge Technologies has extensive experience and a history of success and innovation demonstrated by 23 years providing bar feeder and lathe automation solutions, including over 6150 successful installations of magazine bar feeders in the North American marketplace.

Edge Technologies' product lines include: sales and service in North America for the full line of FMB Bar Feeders and Edge Technologies Bar Feeding products.

A Message from Edge Technologies

Edge Technologies is proud to offer advanced productivity solutions for your bar feeding needs.

FMB Machinery Bar FeedersThe FMB product line of bar feeders covers all of your needs.

Edge Technologies is proud to offer advanced productivity solutions for your bar feeding needs.

The Edge Technologies Rebel Series of short loaders are a compact option for long unattended production periods.

Edge Technologies is proud to offer advanced productivity solutions for your bar feeding needs.

The Edge Technologies' line of bar feeders is the economical solution for your bar feeder needs.

As Seen In Production Machining

PMTS 2019 show floor

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Edge Technologies' Vortex 30P

Coolant Mist Collector Combines Centrifugal Separation with HEPA Filtration
Eastec 2019: Edge Technologies will exhibit the Vortex AF water-solubale coolant mist collection system designed for machine tools performing wet machining operations.

filtration system

Edge Technologies Vortex System Designed for Wet Operations
PMTS 2019: Edge Technologies’ Vortex AF series is a soluble coolant mist collection system designed for machine tools performing wet machining operations.

PMTS show floor

See Showfloor Demos from Index and Edge Technologies at PMTS 2019
PMTS’s showfloor demonstrations are scheduled opportunities for attendees to see technology live without other distractions in the booth.

Tsugami/Rem Sales Open House

VIDEO: Rem Sales West Coast Open House
Tsugami/Rem Sales hosted its second annual Technology Center Open House in Fullerton, California, bringing attendees together with company representatives and industry partners. Machine demonstrations and training sessions provided learning opportunities during the two-day event.

Tsugami/Rem Sales Event to Feature Partner Presentations
Tsugami/Rem Sales will host the second annual Technology Center Open House, a two-day event that will consist of presentations by long-time industry partners, Esprit and Edge Technologies.


The Collet is the Answer
A small workholding change helped this shop deliver the required part finish by resolving vibration and runout issues.

Minimizing Personnel with Unattended Operations
Once a machine is cutting parts, the operator is free to perform other duties. It makes sense that the longer the machine can run unattended, the more of these other duties the operator would be able to perform.

Scout 320 Magazine Bar Feeder for Round, Square and Hexagonal Barstock
The Scout 320 is the newest and most economically priced Edge Technologies magazine bar feeder for feeding round, square and hexagonal barstock in a diameter range of 3 - 20 mm and lengths up to 12-ft. into CNC lathes.

Minuteman 320 SE Bar Feeder for CNC Lathes
Edge Technologies’ Minuteman 320 SE, a 12-ft. magazine bar feeder, is designed for feeding round, square and hexagonal barstock into CNC lathes.

Bar Feeder for Precision Bar Turning
The FMB 20-100 bar feeder expands on the already established Turbo “Heavy Metal” line of hydrodynamic 12-ft. through 24-ft. bar loading magazine feeders.

12-ft. Magazine Bar Feeder for CNC Lathes
Edge Technologies’ Minuteman 320 GEN II is an economical magazine bar feeder for the production machining industry.

Bar Feeder Offers Space Savings
Edge Technologies FMB 20-100 bar feeder includes quick-change polyurethane guide channels that allow for quiet operation at high RPM while feeding round, square or hex barstock.

Edge Technologies Appoints New Regional Sales Manager
 Edge Technologies has appointed Tom Flowers as the new southeast regional sales manager, which includes the states of Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee, South and North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida.

Magazine-Style Bar Feeder Equipped with Swiss-Type Headstock Synchronization
The company's FMB Turbo 2-20 is an automatic magazine-style bar feeder for processing bars in the diameter range of 2-20 mm and in lengths from 12 ft. to 14 ft. on CNC lathes.

Running Remotely
Everybody talks about unattended machining operations and many have implemented it in varying degrees. Since day one, this Dayton, Ohio shop has never operated any other way.

Bar Feeder Features Bar Advancement
The FMB Micromag 20 is an automatic bar loading magazine bar feeder designed for feeding round, square and hexagonal bar material into CNC lathes.

Barfeeding Small Diameters
This shop may be located off the beaten path but it’s certainly found a successful and profitable home by applying top of the line technology to its medical part production mix.

Edge Hires New Regional Sales Manager
Steve Goron was hired as the new regional sales manager for the North Territory for Edge Technologies, which includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, and northern Illinois.

Short Bar Loader
The Rebel V-65 Servo is a compact, short bar loader that features a 5- to 65-mm diameter capacity range for feeding spindle length round, square, hexagonal and shaped barstock into CNC lathes.

Connecting the Technologies
This Missouri shop uses new advances in machine to machine communications to achieve its goals of lights out manufacturing and quick changeover.

Product Categories of Edge Technologies

All Other Workpiece Handling, Loading and Feeding Equipment not specified
Bar Feed Mechanisms
Chuck Jaws & Collets
Collets for Workholding
Collets, Solid and Master
Guide Bushings (for Swiss Lathes)

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