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As Seen In Production Machining

Engis Corp. Names New President
Sean Gilmore, who has 34 years of experience in the industrial diamond business, succeeds Stephen Griffin.

Engis SPM 8000 single-pass bore finisher

Bore Finishing System Equipped with Robotic Loading
Engis Corp. exhibits its model SPM 8000 single-pass bore finishing system equipped with six-axis robotic parts loading and unloading.

Engis SPM Series Single-Pass Bore Finishing
Engis single‐pass, superabrasive bore finishing systems are the more cost‐effective choice—over conventional honing—for virtually any bore finishing application and workpiece material.

Engis SPM6000

Single-Pass Bore Finishing Machine Finishes Blind and Through Bores
Engis’s SPM6000 single-pass bore finishing machine is designed to finish both blind and through bores to a tolerance of ½ micron at SPC values greater than 2.0 CPK.

Diamond Lapping and Lapping Plate Control
The word “diamond” brings the word “expensive” to mind. But when it comes to lapping with diamond superabrasives, start thinking “low”—as in lower slurry consumption, lower slurry cost per hour, lower sludge generation, lower cycle time, lower reject rates and fewer process steps.

Lapping and Polishing System
Engis Corporation’s FastLap lapping and polishing system has been engineered specifically to meet the demand for super-high finish lapping and polishing processes, which can achieve sub-0.1-microinch Ra finished lapped surfaces.

Engis bore-finishing machine

Ensuring Zero-Defect Bores
 Here’s how one shop makes certain that every bore meets specs for customers who believe one bad part in a million is one too many.

Engis Machine Closeup

Bore Finishing Machine Increases Uptime
Tight tolerances are extremely important in gear manufacturing, and even more so when those gears are used in performance motorcycle transmissions. The ability to manufacture as competitively as possible is also a critical factor to consider.

Bore Finishing Technology
The company's superabrasive single-pass bore finishing technology will be exhibited. The new SPM Series of single-pass diamond bore finishing machines is designed to meet the needs of job shops finishing small- to medium-sized parts. Available in two-, four- and six-spindle models, these systems are primarily for pa

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