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Thread Verifier Eliminates Rework
Many applications require thorough inspection to prevent improperly tapped holes from reaching final assembly.

Automated Thread Gage System
The company offers an automated thread gage system that is said to be simple to install in single and multi-spindle applications. The verifier can be used to automatically prevent improperly tapped holes from reaching assembly, saving production time and cost. The verifier reliably and consistently completes test cycles in seconds, adding no time to existing production cycles, and avoids the errors of manual gaging and inspection, the company says.

Thread Gage
The Eagle Thread Verifier (ETV) automatically helps prevent improperly tapped parts from reaching final assembly, offering a reliable method of eliminating expensive rework and saving production time and cost, the company says. The thread gage automatically identifies and alerts operators of the following conditions: thread depth, size, location, squareness, untapped hole or broken tap in hole and incorrect pitch diameter. It can stop the line or signal rejection of the unsuitable part.

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