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As Seen In Production Machining

Standardized Controls Aid Shop's Apprenticeship Program
Cox Manufacturing’s commitment to standardization, from the parts it makes to its machine controls and apprenticeship program, is an important factor in its growth.

Eurotech triple turret machine

Lights-Out Operation Enables Work/Life Balance
Overwhelmed with too much work, a former salesman in the machining industry started his own business, purchasing and installing production machines that allow him to run lights-out production and, consequently, see his family more.

Precision Tooling Catalog Details Tool Line
Heimatec has a range of live tools, with more than 40,000 designs in its database. In addition to live tooling, Heimatec’s 24-page catalog also features the U-tec changing system, HT Quick Change, angle heads, multiple spindles and static tools.

Eurotech Adds Three New Distributors this Year
Machinery Solutions Inc., Production Machinery Associates Inc. and Selway Machine Tool are the company's new distributors.

Stallion Series B750 and B1250 Turning Centers.

Turning Series Provides Power, Flexibility
Eurotech’s Stallion series B750 and B1250 turning centers are designed to provide effective speed and accuracy to increase rigidity and productivity.


High Mix, Low Volume Shop Redefines Throughput for Aerospace Parts
Many shops struggle with trial and error, but some companies are lucky enough to discover what works best for their application the first time around.

Eurotech Welcomes Jim Kucienski Aboard
Eurotech welcomes Jim Kucienski (formerly with Citizen) to the company's staff.

Shop Grows its Multitasking Operations
Here's a look at what this shop's expanded multitasking capabilities have meant to its success and how it plans to continue building momentum.

Optimizing B Axis on Gang Tool-Based Swiss Machines
This technological innovation has been increasing in popularity as well as multitasking sophistication.

Sliding Headstock CNC Swiss Turn
The 12-position mill-turn servo turret of the Diamont 42 SY2B has 12 live tool stations, four of which are capable of 360-degree B-axis rotation, to machine parts in the main or subspindle.

Universal Chuck and Bar Turn/Mill Centers
The B658 and B1200 turn-mill machines boast 35-hp integral spindle with 3.66" bar capacity (with 4.02" optional), double wound motor, 26" (B658) and 48"(B1200) turning length and dual spindle.

12-axis turn/mill bar machine

12-Axis Turn/Mill Bar Machine
The compact, yet massive cast iron machine base of the 12-axis turn/mill bar machine from Eurotech ensures stability and rigidity in extremely heavy and accurate machining operations. Both turrets can machine on the main or subspindle without interference.


A One Stop Shop
 Combining flexible manufacturing with volume production capability helps this shop cover all the bases.

Eurotech B765Y3 Turn-Mill

Turn-Mill Center Features Three Y-Axis Turrets
The company’s B765Y3 has more than 4" of Y-axis travel on all three turrets. Combined with the company’s standard tooling, customers can load as many as 144 cutting tools, allowing them to either machine several different parts without any change-over time or load several redundant cutting tools (using the company’s tool load software to detect tool wear and run “lights out”). The machine has 2.

CNC Lathes brochure

CNC Lathes(2)
• Brochure highlights each of the 735 CNC lathe models from Eurotech Elite with a full-page spread • Explains operations performed, how the machines operate and standard features • Contains diagrams of the machining areas and tooling system and includes specifications .

automatic parts catcher

Options On A Subspindle
Subspindles can do much more than backworking. This article looks a various options currently available.

Aluminum parts

Mill/Turn Centers Spur Shop's Growth With Increased Uptime
After adding a 12,000-square-foot addition onto an existing 32,000-square-foot facility, the management of Nolte Precise Manufacturing (Cincinnati, Ohio) is in the mindset to expand its business and improve its processes, allowing it to grow not only in square footage, but in machining capability as well.

Integrated Turn-Mill Operations
- Read about Smart Turn, the family of multipurpose, five-mill turning centers- Main specifications, standard equipment, the CNC unit and production automation are highlighted- Technical specifications include machine dimensions and a power-torque diagram  .

Bryco president Bryon Bettinardi (right) confers on a Eurotech part

Swiss Shop Gears Up For Larger Parts
If increasing sales is a priority, offer customers a bigger selection of products and services. That is part of the strategy that has made Bryco Machine, Inc. (Tinley Park, Illinois) one of the fastest-growing precision turning shops in the Chicago area.

High Productivity
The Quattroflex range of machines combines the work of two turrets and two spindles. Normally the upper turret works on the main spindle while the lower turret performs machining on the sub-spindle without any interference problems.

Precision Machining System
The Eurotech Famar has an integral spindle that delivers simultaneous high horsepower and speed. It also has live tooling plus extensive tooling options and a part transfer system that provides fast unload-load.

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