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We've always been intensely focused on designing and manufacturing the highest quality deburring tools, and we feel that our line is absolutely the best in the world.

Deburr Front and Back, With Just One Pass.

E-Z Burr High Speed Steel (HSS) tools are the industry standard for quick, effective and consistent front and rear burr removal.

Deburr Front and Back, With Just One Pass.

Ideal for large production runs, heavy burrs and tough materials, the patented Carbide Tool allows deburring and chamfering three times faster than regular HSS deburring.

Deburr Front and Back, With Just One Pass.

E-Z Burr's "Small Hole" Carbide design extends our high performance Carbide Series to now deburr hole diameters as small as .125 inches.

As Seen In Production Machining

E-Z Burr Operates Independently after Cogsdill Acquisition
Cogsdill Tool Products Inc. has recently acquired the E-Z Burr Tool Co., with Cogsdill continuing to operate E-Z Burr as an independent company with production and support of E-Z Burr products from their Michigan facility. 

Micro Deburring Tool
E-Z Burr’s Component Micro Series (CMS) offers efficiency all around by smoothly deburring and chamfering a range of micro sized holes in high volume production runs.This tool was developed to save manufacturers time and money.

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Efficient Deburring Leads To Improvements
Although burrs may be the last concern that an engineer or machinist thinks about when focusing on a part’s tolerances and production rate, deburring plays a large role in producing a quality product. And when a deburring process becomes cumbersome, time consuming and costly, it is time to reevaluate the operation.  

Drill And Deburr In One Pass
Previously offered solely as custom-built special orders, BurrFree Drills from E-Z Burr are now available in a range of standard fractional and metric sizes for hole diameters 0. 374" (9. 5 mm) and larger.

E-Z Burr Deburring Tool Diagram

New Tools Automate Hole-Deburring
New tools increase the efficiency of automatic hole deburring. Some can handle holes as small as 0.030 inch diameter.

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