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Firetrace Systems Suppress Fires Within Seconds

Firetrace Systems Suppress Fires Within Seconds
Firetrace’s automatic fire suppression system safeguards equipment by using clean agents to suppress fires right at their source.

Fire Suppression

Shop Safety with Fire Suppression
Mom always said, “Better safe than sorry.” Fire prevention measures can be the difference between business as usual and catastrophe on the shop floor.


A Youthful Approach to Production Machining
Growing up in the industry helped this young shop owner learn key strategies for getting the most from his machines.

Choosing the Right Fire Suppression System for Your Machines
Virtually all modern CNC machines are designed with safety in mind.

Firetrace on CNC

Simplifying Fire Prevention
Every machining facility should have a plan in place for fire prevention. An automatic fire suppression system installed on a machine can be the solution.  

CNC Machine Fire Suppression System
The company’s automatic fire suppression systems are suited for CNC machines that use oil-based lubricants, which can overheat, ignite and cause a flash fire. Featuring a flexible polymer tubing that ruptures when exposed to a flame, these automatic systems detect and suppress a fire by flooding the machining area with a suppression agent and turning the power off. The machine can be returned to service within an hour.

Dental implants

Protecting Capital Equipment
"The Atam," as this shop refers to the device, is designed to perform machine diagnostics and real-time, in-process tool action monitoring. The process analyzer from Atam Systems (New Albany, Ohio) is a relatively simple tool.

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