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FLP Tooling Applitec Swiss cutting tools

High-Precision Carbide Cutting Tools for Swiss-Type Automatic Lathes
FLP Tooling Inc. will showcase its high-precision line of Applitec Swiss cutting tools including carbide inserts, toolholders, saw blades, boring bars, drills and end mills.

Applitec ZX10 Inserts Provide Increased Chip Control
FLP Tooling now distributes the Applitec ZX10 & ZXT10 700 series inserts, which provide increased chip control with specialized chipbreakers.

FLP Trio-Line inserts

Triple-Cutting-Edge Inserts
Trio-Line inserts offer three cutting edges for increased machining power.

CUT-TN Inserts Offer Faster Cut-Off Operation
The CUT-TN inserts carried by FLP Tooling Inc. offers a negative cutoff application allowing for faster cutoff operation.

cutting tools

Cutting Tool Line--FLP Tooling
FLP Tooling added a new supplier, Schlenker GmbH, to expand its line of collets and guide bushes. In addition, Applitec introduced new tooling systems to its Modu-Line modular tooling series designed with a built-in coolant supply feed.

Carbide Guide Bushes
• Brochure offers charts and graphs for carbide guide bushes, which range from 7. 5 mm to 32 mm in diameter • Gives examples of the different company’s machines in which each is used .

Swiss-Made Cutting Tools
- Pamphlet describes FLP Tooling's inserts, drills, collets, saw blades and grinding wheels - Photos show the company's product offering- The tools are made for screw machine applications that increase tool life, increase machining flexibility, decrease production downtime and manufacture more accurate parts, according to the company  .

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Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
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Slotting Saws
Thread Milling Cutters
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Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change

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FT Boring Bars