Gemini Precision Machining, Inc. (GPMI)

700 E. Soper Road
Bad Axe , MI 48413 US


A Message from Gemini Precision Machining, Inc. (GPMI)

GPMI: Your complete contract manufacturing source for forge tooling systems and precision steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and composite products.

Forge Tooling Systems Press Tooling Bolsters Cassettes / Die Holders Forge Dies, Trim Dies, Coin Dies Complete bolster tooling packages Hammer Tooling Ram Sow Block Hammer Columns and Guides Crown Piston Rod Dies Dowels Ring Rolling Tooling Mandrels Main / King Roller Lower and Upper Roller (dies) Cone Tooling Gage Roller Hatebur / Hot Hammer Tooling Punches and Dies Hot Shear Blades Feed Rolls Transfer Grippers Trimmers Trim Blade Punches Part Nest / Cavity (dies) Flash Stripper Knockout Cassette (quick change) Sizing Tooling Hot - Padding Cold - Coining Upsetters (vertical and horizontal) Punches and Dies Die Holders Headers and Slides Automation Tooling Transfer Arms and Grippers   Flood Welding Full flood welding capabilities for parts up to 20,0000 lbs.

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