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As Seen In Production Machining

Ensuring Zero Defects in Internally Threaded Fasteners
New high-speed sorting technologies, including vision-based hole and thread detection, are making traditional methods obsolete.

General Inspection Gi-720 sorting machine

Sorting Machine Enables Detection of Visual, Dimensional Defects
The Gi-720 sorting machine from General Inspection features a conveyor-belt style with an eight-camera sensor system.

Sorting Machine Features a Dial Table-Style Glass Top
Gi redesigned and improved the Gi-100 Instrumment of Lean sorting machine, the company says.

General Inspection has Acquired Assets of NDT Inc.
This acquisition will strengthen GI’s NCTP (non-contact thread probe) product line for inspection and detection of internal threads.

General Inspection 3D laser gaging system

3D Laser Gaging System
The company’s 3D laser gaging system is designed to replace manual gages like micrometers, calipers, ring gages and optical comparators, using 3D modeling, three-wire thread graphics and other graphical displays to remove human error from setups and inspections.

General Inspection Locks in Contract with Italian Fastener Manufacturer
General Inspection has locked in a large sale with an Italian fastener manufacturer.

Lasers Go Beyond Making Their Mark
Today the laser plays a vital role in many areas, including research, communication, industry, medicine, environmental care and, of course, manufacturing.

Laser Highlights
The number of different laser applications is surprising, yet it continues to grow. Here's a look at a few.

Laser Lab

Non-Contact Cylindrical Parts Measurement
General Inspection’s LaserLab for measuring cylindrical parts provides 3D measurements by millions of data points taken around the part in a fraction of the time previously taken when using manual gages, the company says. An unskilled operator simply places a part on the stage. A precision, NIST traceable calibration cone is fixed under the stage so that the laser optics calibrates the system every time a part is inspected.

Gi-300 laser sorting system

Laser Sorting System
The Gi-300 from General Inspection is an automated laser sorting system. Tilt-head laser technology, precision narrow laser beams, multi-laser velocity gauge, split laser beam and three wire modeling, with true system 22 thread measuring capability, are all features of this system and are used to measure lengths, diameters and tapers. The tilt-head laser automatically positions itself to the appropriate angle to remove cosine error.


High-Speed Laser Measuring System
The Gi-360 high-speed laser measuring system by General Inspection is a 3D system with eight lasers positioned around the circumference of the parts. The system can measure all features to print tolerances at rates as much as 600 parts per minute. Standard features the machine measures include lengths, diameters, tapers, threads and straightness.

Inspection/Sorting System
Developed to provide accurate measurement dimensions, the Gi-300-V employs various custom features, including “tilt head” technology. This feature allows the axis of cylindrical parts (such as bolts) to be perpendicular to the laser beams. Without this feature, the heads on bolts cause measurement cosine error, the company says.

Sorting And Inspection Systems
- Read about the features of the General Inspection's GI-50, GI-100, GI-200, GI-300, GI-360 and the LaserLab - Options and specifications are illustrated in chart format for easy look up - The machines' software are also described, as well as the feed systems .

Inspection/Sorting Machine
Fasteners, screw machine parts, ammunition, and other cylindrical parts are typically made fast and in high volume. Defect levels in these industries have gone from thousands of ppm to near zero because to process improvement and 100% sorting. Many secondary processes are performed off site where contamination occurs.

Washer Inspection System
The new G-100 washer inspection system uses multiple inspection technologies including lasers for flatness inspection, vision for hole diameter, as well as concentricity inspection and eddy current for heat treat and plating thickness verification. The system inspects and sorts large varieties of washers at rates exceeding 300 ppm. It can reduce part-per million (ppm) defects encountered in the high-volume stamping, screw machining and cold heading industries.

Inspection For High Volume Cylindrical Parts--General Inspection
The company will be highlighting its Laser General V-100 Quantifier. The Laser General V-100 is said to be the first quantitative 100 percent inspection system for high volume cylindrical part manufactures. New tilt head laser technology, split laser beam and three-wire modeling of threads all result in one of the m

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