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rotary stage

Oasis CoreX2 System Measures Multiple Dimensions
PMTS 2019: The CoreX2 inspection system is said to be the largest field of view Oasis Inspection System that measures multiple dimensions on a part.

George Products oasis Inspection Systems

Inspection System Software Adds Features
George Products Co. has added features to its Oasis Inspection Systems software package, including new language options for Spanish- and German-speaking users.

George Products Co. Oasis inspection system

Inspection System Helps to Eliminate Quality Control Bottlenecks
The Oasis Inspection System from George Products Company Inc. is designed to quickly measure parts, eliminate quality control bottlenecks and increase productivity by reducing inspection time from minutes to seconds.

George Products Company Oasis

Inspection Software Offers Thread Measurement Add-On
George Products Company offers a thread measurement add-on to its Oasis inspection system, which instantly and simultaneously measures external dimensions on profile views of parts.

George Products Adds a Computer to the OASIS Core for Faster Integration
George Products Company has added a computer and monitor to its Oasis Core at no additional cost.

George Products Releases V4.0 Software Update for Oasis
George Products Company announces the release of software version 4.0 for its inspection system.

George Products CoreX2

CoreX2 Measures in Real-Time on Shop Floor
George Products Company has added the CoreX2 to its product line.

Manual Rotational Capability Added to Inspection System
The Manual Rotary Stage from George Products is a full-featured, non-contact vision inspection system that simultaneously measures multiple dimensions on a part to an accuracy ±0.0001”. Working with a shadow (profile view) of the part, measurements are taken at a rate of 10× per second.

Value-Added Inspection
Few in a production turning environment would argue the fact that, generally speaking, the need for better accuracies has steadily risen right along side increased workpiece complexity. But verifying these accuracies is still often a tough pill to swallow, considering the non-value-added nature of inspection.

Fred Land, President
PMTS is an excellent opportunity to connect with customers and potential customers and demonstrate the latest updates to the OASIS line of inspection systems. And this edition of the show is no exception.

Measurement System on Existing Computers
The OASIS Core has been designed to enable customers to run the OASIS system on their own computers.

Fast Inspection Adds Dollars to the Bottom Line
Putting out good products and being profitable are what it’s all about in the machining business.

High Speed, Non-Contact Thread Inspection
The company has added thread measurement to its Oasis inspection systems, which are designed to measure all external dimensions on a part’s profile view instantly and simultaneously to accuracy of ±0.0001".

High Speed Inspection System
The OASIS inspection system by George Products Company is driven by its own software that powers the system to operate at high inspection speeds.

Small Parts Have Big Impact
Advanced micromachining capabilities have had a monumental effect on the way parts are produced. But as parts continue to get smaller, complexities increase, as do corresponding tolerance requirements.

rotary stage

Rotary Stage for Optical Inspection System
The company has added a rotary stage to its Oasis (Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System). The system is a non-contact machine vision inspection system that measures multiple dimensions on a part to an accuracy of ±0. 0001", all at the same time.

Oasis inspection system literature

Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System
• Literature describes the Optical Automatic Smart Inspection System (Oasis) • Diagrams, charts and photographs help illustrate how this system functions • Features are listed in bullet-point form for quick reading purposes .

Programming the inspection routine

Faster Measurement Of Complex Parts
As workpieces become more and more complex, with numerous critical dimensions that must be correct because they often relate to other features of the part, many of the tried-and-true measurement tools can slow down the production process.

Product Categories of OASIS Inspection Systems

Comparators, Optical & Other
Data Collection Devices for Gaging, SPC, etc.
Flaw Detection Equipment
Gages - Digital
Gear Inspection
Laser Measurement Systems
Quality Documentation Software
Vision Systems

Trade Names

OASIS Elite Dual