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bar feeder

Maestro Bar Feeder Reduces Change-over Times
The Maestro 80 No Limits, Bucci’s automatic bar feeder, supports bars ranging in size from 10 mm to 80 mm to work with fixed headstock lathes.

IEMCA Bar Feeder

The Biggest Bang for Your Automation Buck
Bar feeders are the primary automation option for the precision turned parts shop. Selecting the best bar feeder for the application is important for maximizing the production benefits of this technology.

Bar Feeder for Precision Applications
The Elite EVO series bar feeder from Bucci features the company’s signature quick-release polyurethane guide channels and application-driven magazine feeding options.

Bucci Industries USA and Algra Create Partnership
Bucci Industries USA has announced its partnership with Algra Tooling for the North American market.

Elite Series Bar Feeders for Swiss Lathes
The Elite Series of 12-ft. bar feeders are Iemca’s latest development for feeding high performance Swiss-type lathes.

Peak Performance in the Machining Lab
Matching the right equipment for the job and having quality employees to handle the work is paying big dividends for this precision shop.

Automatic Bar Feeders with Ergonomic Loading Capabilities
IEMCA Master 80 UP Hyperflexible automatic bar feeders offer ergonomic loading capabilities for reduced lifting and significant increase to magazine capacity.

Hiring Veterans Works for Bucci
Bucci Industries USA is probably best known for its Iemca brand of bar feeders, bar loaders and gantry loaders, which are installed in shops across the country.

Partners in THINC Receives New Members
Parlec, a manufacturer of tooling and presetting solutions, as well as Bucci Industries, a manufacturer of automation solutions, have joined Partners in THINC.   

Bucci Boss IV.

Bar Feeder Instantly Synchronizes with Headstock
Bucci Industries will introduce the latest addition to its Iemca Boss line of heavy-duty automatic magazine bar feeders, the Bucci Boss IV, which is said to reduce bar-change time by as much as 40 percent.

Master 80HF-12 Bar Feeder Offers Fast Change-Over
The IEMCA Division of Bucci Industries USA’s Master 80HF bar feeder is the ideal 12-ft. bar feeder for those lathes where machining operations vary frequently during the course of the day or for dedicated production running at high speeds, the company says.

IEMCA Bar Feeder Offers Small Footprint
The IEMCA Division of Bucci Industries USA’s bar feeder, Ideal 438, was developed specifically as a bar feeding accessory for Swiss lathes as well as small CNC fixed headstock lathes.

Win-Win Scenario Automates a High Volume Turning Operation
What started as a sales call from Bucci Industries to Methods Machine Tools evolved into a true success story at Gardner Denver's Fort Worth, Texas facility.

Bucci vans

Bar Feeder Service Initiative
The company will showcase one of three new vans it has equipped to serve its IEMCA bar feeder customers.

Bar Feeder with Calibrated Round-Section Guide Channels
The IDEAL 320 – 12-ft. bar feeder for Swiss or fixed headstock lathes features calibrated, hydrodynamic round-section guide channels and mechanical headstock synchronization.

Bar Feeder for Swiss Lathes
The Elite 220 is a versatile bar feeder for Swiss lathes that features two barstock magazine types with basic bar feeder configuration: a standard linear/gravity magazine for barstock size 1/4" to 0.787" and a “walking beam” type for smaller barstock 0.080" to 1/4".

Elite 12

Bar Feeder Technology
IEMCA offers several bar feeders including the Elite 112, the Smart 320 and the Prodigy. The Elite 112 can feed bars of 0.

inside the Elite 112 bar feeder

Bar Feeder For Swiss-Type Applications
IEMCA's Elite 112 bar feeder was designed for use in the medical and other small precision parts manufacturing industries. It offers a precise lift and transfer magazine system and can feed bars from 0.

Genius 120 bar feeder

Bar Feeder With Hydrodynamic Guide Channel System--Bucci Industries
Iemca, a division of Bucci Industries, designed the Genius 120 magazine bar feeder for single-spindle and multi-spindle lathes and can be used in high rpm applications. Plus, users can run very small-diameter bars without sacrificing precision, the company says. The bar feeder's hydrodynamic guide channel design allows the guide diameter to be changed by only changing the front guide sections.

Master 880-E

Bar Feeder For Single-Spindle Fixed And Sliding Headstock Lathes
• Read about the Master 880-E automatic bar feeder for single-spindle fixed and sliding headstock lathes with 12' bars from 5/16" to 3" in diameter • Lists specifications as well as features, which include a remote hand-held pendant control for easy programming, polyurethane rapid action hydrodynamic guide channels, bar introduction/extraction clamps that are self-centered directly on the bar, and more   .

Prodigy Automatic Bar Feeder
- Literature describes the Prodigy automatic bar feeder for single-spindle fixed and sliding headstock lathes with 6' bars from 5 mm (3/16") to 51 mm (2") in diameter - Lists specifications and features with a diagram to refer to - These bar feeders have hot-rolled steel beam construction, which results in less vibration and noise and tighter tolerances at high rpm   .

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