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As Seen In Production Machining

Powder Coated Finish

Timing Vacuum Impregnation with Finishing Operations
This guide determines whether vacuum impregnation should be performed before or after finishing operations.

Casting with blind, through and fully enclosed porosity

When to Vacuum Impregnate Castings
Vacuum impregnation is an effective way to address the potential problems caused by porosity in castings, but it must be performed at the correct stage of the production process.

Aqueous Cleaning for Aerospace
A turbine manufacturing plant phases out an obsolete vapor degreasing system, making the change to aqueous-based cleaning.

MecWash Duo

Rotational Washing Systems
The MecWash Duo offers a combination of cleaning, rinsing and drying capabilities. The high-performance system is compact and energy efficient, the company says. The system features twin wash and rinse tanks, allowing it to deliver a high-volume, flood/immersion wash cycle and a powerful spray rinse stage.

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