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Formerly A&A Mfg. Gortite Div.


Gortite Division of Dynatect

NEW! Dynatect High-Speed Vertical Fabric Door 

Dynatect now offers the new Gortite® VF Door included in a new line of Automated Machine Safety Doors. The Vertical Fabric door responds to the automation industry’s need for machine guarding doors to keep hazardous processes like robotic welding separate from people, equipment, and materials. This high-speed fabric roll-up door is intended for safe machine access and maximizing production time in automated manufacturing. It was designed to support 3-week lead times, 1-hour field installation, multiple t-slot mounting surfaces, in addition to long-life non-contact sensors.

Conforming to OSHA guardrail requirements, the door’s fabric curtain is retained in columns to minimize risk of falling through the closed door. The door comes standard with proximity switches that sense the end-travel for the door. Providing a physical and visible barrier, the door can be positioned closer to hazardous machines versus standalone light curtains. The result supports the trend toward a smaller work area footprint.

Door actuation is triggered via the automation governing the guarded machine, has a standard speed of 44”/second, can complete two cycles per minute, and is developed for more than 1 million cycles. Additional sensor options, including a traveling photo eye, can be included to sense obstruction to door travel. Dynatect also offers a safety interlock option which meets PLe/Cat-4 safety requirements when combined with appropriate machine logic and conformance to risk assessment. To see a video of the VF door in action, select this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjnhQbvzNqc.

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Company Profile

Dynatect Manufacturing (formerly A&A Manufacturing) is an application solutions provider of protective equipment, cable carriers, roll-up doors, ball screws, slip clutches, and custom molded elastomeric products.

Gortite Div. of Dynatect

Protective Covers & Bellows The ultimate source for dynamic equipment guarding.

Gortrac Div. of Dynatect

Cable and Hose Carriers Dynatect is a leading global manufacturer of cable carrier systems designed to protect your equipment and personnel.

LSI Div. of Dynatect

LSI Precision Ball Screws The Dynatect LSI division manufactures precision ground ball screw assemblies that are custom engineered for each application.

LSI Div. of Dynatect

Dynatect’s New West Coast Ball Screw Repair Capability Provides Faster Service Dynamic motion and protection company Dynatect today recently launched their newest ball screw regional repair facility in Tracy, California (near San Francisco).  This new service at an existing facility leverages 30 years of ball screw manufacturing and repair knowledge previously featured only at the Dynatect Michigan location.

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Ball/Lead Screws & Repair Services
Environmental & Pollution Control Equipment
Maintenance & Repair
Protective Enclosures & Covers
Replacement Parts/Repair Parts
Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
Way Covers, Way Protectors & Seals

Trade Names

LSI (formerly Lead Screws Intl)