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Over 400 standard ovens and furnaces, with temperatures to 2700ºF, are described in this catalog from Grieve.

As Seen In Production Machining

Grieve 500ºF Electric Walk-In Batch Oven
No. 993 is a 500ºF (~260ºC) electric walk-in batch oven from Grieve measures 48” W × 96” D × 72” H.

Grieve's Inert Atmosphere Bench Furnace Provides a Myriad of Features
Features include a vertical lift door with gas spring counterbalance and inert atmosphere construction, including a continuously welded outer shell, high-temperature door gasket, sealed heater terminal boxes, inert atmosphere inlet and inert atmosphere outlet.

No. 1040 inert atmosphere furnace

Inert Atmosphere Pit Furnace
This furnace is used for heat treating automotive parts in baskets.

number 856

Oven Blower Provides Universal Airflow
No. 856 is a 500°F (260°C) universal oven from Grieve, which is currently used for curing composite parts in vacuum bags.

Number 903

Grieve Cabinet Oven Includes Digital Controls
The No. 903 cabinet oven is a 650°F oven that has 6" insulated walls and an aluminized steel exterior.

Number 922 oven

Cleanroom Oven Dries Precision Parts
Grieve’s No. 922 is an electrically-heated cleanroom cabinet oven for drying precision parts.

Grieve oven

Grieve Oven Cures the Plugs
A 350°F (177°C) bench oven from Grieve is currently used for curing the plug on ends of long cables at a user’s facility.

Grieve oven

Electrically Heated Oven Dries Small Parts
Grieve’s No. 861 is an electrically heated oven that dries small parts in a tray.

Belt conveyor oven

Electrically Heated Belt Conveyor Oven Cures Sealants
Grieve Corp.’s No. 892 is a 500°F (260°C), electrically heated belt conveyor oven currently used for curing sealant on filters at the customer’s facility with a recirculating blower that provides vertical downward airflow to the workload.

Inert atmosphere bench furnace

No. 1044 Inert Atmosphere Bench Furnace Heat Treats
Grieve Corp.’s No. 1044 is a 2000°F (1093°C), inert atmosphere bench furnace that includes a vertical lift door with gas spring counterbalance and inert atmosphere construction.  

Special cabinet oven

Special Cabinet Oven Heats Ends of Long Parts
Grieve’s No. 994 is a 500°F (260°C) special cabinet oven, which has 4” insulated walls and an aluminized steel interior and exterior. 

Rotary hearth oven

1000ºF Rotary Hearth Oven Treats Machined Metal Shafts
Grieve Corp.’s No. 982 is a 1000ºF, electrically-heated rotary hearth oven used for heat treating machined metal shafts whose hearth is constructed from overlapping steel plates with 24 pipes holding pin inserts to support the workpieces.  

Cleanroom cabinet oven

Cleanroom Cabinet Oven Dries Precision Parts in Baskets
Grieve Corp.’s No. 923 is an electrically-heated, 500°F Class 100 cleanroom cabinet oven used for drying precision parts in baskets with 30-kW power installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular heating elements.

Belt conveyor oven

500°F Belt Conveyor Oven is for Drying Brass and Aluminum
Grieve Corp.’s No. 876 is a 500°F gas-heated belt conveyor that has workloads ride through an 18”-long open belt loading zone, 126”-long insulated heat zone with recirculated airflow, 6”-long open zone, 72”-long cooling zone and a 12”-long open unloading zone. 

650ºF Conveyor Oven for Soldering
650ºF ELECTRIC BELT CONVEYOR OVEN FROM GRIEVE No. 851 is a 650ºF electrically-heated belt conveyor oven from Grieve, currently used for soldering metal parts at a customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 18" wide x 96" deep x 15" high.

850ºF Conveyor Oven for Stress Relief
TWO-ZONE GAS-HEATED BELT CONVEYOR OVEN FROM GRIEVE No. 791 is a gas-heated, two-zone belt conveyor oven from Grieve, currently used to stress relieve steel springs. This unit has a maximum operating temperature of 850ºF and workspace dimensions of 48" W x 360" L x 15" H.

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