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As Seen In Production Machining

Multiblast 3D

Multiblast 3D Creates Array of Surface Finishes
Guyson Corp.’s Multiblast 3D is tailored for use with post processing of 3D printed parts and has the ability to create an array of surface finishes for both cosmetic and/or functional purposes.

grit blasting machine includes a reclaim system and dust collector

Two-Station RXS-400 Grit Blasting Machine Offers Dual Operation
This precision machine was designed and built for grit blasting of medical implant devices.

Robotic Grit-Blast Surface Preparation System
The RB-10 robotic blast system is specially adapted for grit-blast surface preparation of gas turbine blades and buckets up to 1 m in length.

Twin Table Robotic Grit-Blast System
Guyson Corporation’s robotic blast system with two turntables on a shuttle transfer cart facilitates loading and unloading during the automated grit blasting cycle.

Wet Blast System Enables Manual, Semi-Automatic Blasting, Rinsing
Guyson Corp. offers the Model SS-10 SA rotary table wet blast system with manual and semi-automatic modes of operation.

Guyson Corp. Acquires All Assets of Automated Blasting System
All work-in-process machines, spare parts inventories, ABS laboratory testing equipment, design engineering assets or intellectual property and customer files will be relocated in from South Windsor, Conn., to Guyson Corporation’s 80,000-square-foot plant in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Guyson's Multi-Mode Robotic Blast System Operates in Two Modes
Guyson Corp.’s robotic pressure-blast machine can operate in two different modes—as a seven-axis rotary table surface-preparation system or as a horizontal roller blasting system for preparing inside and outside diameter surfaces of hollow shaft components.

blast machine

Blast Machine Preps Parts For Blackening
Guyson Corporation has supplied a custom-engineered automatic blasting system to upgrade the precision and uniformity of surface preparation for an optical component manufacturer. The Model RXS-400 spindle-blast machine processes a family of parts that require a chemically blackened finish.  Abrasive blasting and bead blasting are accepted methods of surface preparation for a variety of coating, finishing and surface treatment processes.

Orbit 800

Rotary Parts Washer Rinses And Dries
Guyson Corporation has upgraded its Orbit 800 rotary table parts washer to incorporate expanded cleaning process capabilities and a touchscreen control panel. The washer has a standard 750-lb-capacity stainless steel wire mesh basket that is 5" deep and 31.

Orbit 1000

Rotary Parts Washer Cleans Half-Ton Load
Guyson Corporation's Orbit 1000 model rotary cleaning system with touchscreen controls, a 1,000-pound capacity turntable and powered opening and closing of the wash chamber cover. The upgraded parts washer has a 65" × 77" footprint and stands 55" tall with the lid closed. The gearmotor-driven turntable holds a 42" diameter stainless steel round wire mesh basket that has a convenient loading height of 31.

Robot Blasting System
Guyson Corporation has integrated a six-axis robot nozzle manipulator into an automated rotary blast machine for repetitive surface treatment operations. The blast system was developed to consistently perform critical surface preparation on irregularly shaped components, but also suitable for a variety of other blasting applications. The articulated robot arm is rigidly mounted at the rear of the blast cabinet on a welded base attracted to the frame of the finishing enclosure.

Single-Spindle Blast System
The compact single-spindle blast system Model RSSA-6 can be quickly adjusted to process a moderate volume of many different components. The automatic blast machine's rotary spindle may be fitted with a turntable up to 24" in diameter or with a quick-change fixture designed to hold each type of component. As the workpiece rotates at a controlled and adjustable speed, it is exposed to the blast of media from multiple nozzles for the set duration of the blasting cycle.

Blast System Tumbles Parts Gently
The Model T-50 is a rotary basket system designed for batch processing of small components. The tumble-basket blast machine is intended for deburring, deflashing, surface preparation, cosmetic finishing or overall impact treatment of up to approximately 1 cubic-foot of parts per batch. Inside the 76" H x 40" W x 50" D cabinet is a 30" diameter rotating basket with a wide opening to facilitate manual loading of components.

One-Piece Flow Blast System
Guyson Corporation’s new model rotary indexing spindle-blast machine is for shot peening, descaling, deburring, finishing, surface preparation and other impact treatment operations that require 360-degree coverage of components. The downsized RXS-400 is especially suitable for single-piece flow production. The rigidly welded chassis of the machine’s cabinet is 30" wide and 36" deep, so the automatic blast cabinet presents a narrow profile for tight work cell layouts.

Spin-Blaster Automates Batch Finishing
This indexing rotary spindle blast system facilitates overall descaling, surface preparation and cosmetic finishing of components. The Model SPRXS-900 individually processes a dozen components per load. The rotary table is suspended from the roof of the blast cabinet, with 12 rotary spindles mounted around the perimeter of the table.

Robot-Friendly Spindle Blast System
The company has introduced a rotary indexing blast machine with special adaptations to enable a smooth interface with robotic load/unload equipment. Unmanned automatic operation is possible in production surface treatment applications such as deburring, deflashing, surface preparation and cosmetic finishing. The Model RXS-800 has four abrasion-protected ball bearing spindles equally spaced around the perimeter of its 36” diameter rotary table.

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