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As Seen In Production Machining

Milling with water-soluble coolant

Improving Process Efficiency with Metalworking Fluids
Using the right oils, coolants and lubricants can help a shop optimize machining processes, but there are many factors to weigh when choosing metalworking fluids.

Joe Gentile Named First Vice Chair of PMPA Tech Members Board
Mr. Gentile has been supplying technical information regarding lubricants and all other forms of metalworking manufacturing for more than 10 years.

PMPA Names First Vice Chair of Technical Members Board
An active member of PMPA’s technical Listserve, Mr. Gentile has been supplying technical information regarding lubricants and all other forms of metalworking manufacturing for more than 10 years.

David Parker

The Transition to No-Lead Brass
Adjustments to feeds and speeds, coolant, tooling and scrap management all play a significant role in allowing a productive switch to unleaded brass.

A Guide to Metalworking Fluids
The oils, coolants and lubricants used in metalworking shops are often overlooked as an opportunity to improve process efficiencies.

Hangsterfer's Laboratories S-787

Metalworking Lubricant Provides High Pressure Tolerance
Hangsterfer’s Laboratories offers its S-787 metalworking lubricant, which is designed for tapping and deep hole drilling applications in exotic alloys typical of the aerospace and medical industries.

Tooling Tips for Exotics
While exotic materials typically provide improved wear characteristics and better service life in the final product, they can present particular challenges during machining.

VIDEO: Watch Glass Explode!
This really cool video shows slow motion footage of the interesting properties of Prince Rupert's Drop. I see some correlation to work hardening in metalworking operations.

Considerations for Machining Exotics
In manufacturing, the term “exotic” is used to describe materials that display excellent wear characteristics, durability and service life in high heat, extreme cold or corrosive environments.

cutting fluids

Cutting Fluids for Medical Machining
The Hard Cut NG and Hard Cut NG cutting fluids have entered into the medical device manufacturing market. According to the company, the fluids’ low viscosity, blended with extreme pressure additives, are designed to provide excellent performance for customers who specialize in small- to normal-sized parts for medical and other specialized industries.  .

Cutting Oils Suited to Swiss-Style Machines
The company’s line of cutting oils includes its Hard cut series. According to the company, its oils are well-applied in the aerospace, electronic and medical industries and especially in Swiss-style screw machines where lubrication and good surface finishes are necessary. The company recommends their 8 series for use on stainless steels, hardened steels, high nickel alloys, titanium and aircraft aluminums.

Complete Line Of Fluids
This ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of a complete line of metalworking fluids will display an array of products, including water-soluble coolants, cutting fluids, dielectric fluids, forming/fabricating/drawing compounds, rust inhibitors and a complimenting equipment line. Complete Line Of Fluids Ha

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Trade Names

Clear Cut
Crystal Brite
Crystal Cut
Hard Cut
Missile Lube
PC Series
Rust Coat
Super Alkut
Veggie Cool
Veggie Cut