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IBAG North America is headquartered in a modern plant in North Haven Connecticut, an established New England community where traditional values of education and craftsmanship have become the foundation for a growing complex of commerce, industry and high technology.

IBAG North America

IBAG HIGH SPEED MILLING SPINDLES IBAG North America designs and manufacturers advanced high speed milling spindle systems that perform at maximum speeds up to 140,000 RPM, and power levels up to 130 HP.

IBAG North America

IBAG "MICRO LINE" HIGH SPEED SPINDLES FOR SWISS MACHINING The world's most compact milling & drilling spindles for Swiss machining.

IBAG North America

WITTE VACUUM WORKHOLDING SYSTEMS IBAG North America is the exclusive representative of Witte, a German manufacturer of high quality vacuum workholding chucks, pumps and accessories.

As Seen In Production Machining

Ibag North America Micro Collet

Collets Designed for Use with High-Speed Spindles
Ibag North America displays its Ibag Micro Collet for precision-part manufacturing that enables accuracies of 1-micron TIR at the collet nose and accommodates tool diameters ranging to 1/8".

IBAG Micro LIne high-speed spindle

Compact, High-Speed Spindles Enable Ultra-Small Drilling
IBAG North America offers its Micro Line compact, high-speed spindles for Swiss-type turning machines.

IBAG North America Micro Line spindles

Compact Spindles Enable High-Speed Swiss Turning
IBAG North America will feature its Micro Line spindles, a range of compact high-speed spindles designed to fit Swiss-type turning machines.

Ibag Micro Line

High-Speed Spindles Offer Micro Collet System
Ibag North America will exhibit its compact Micro Line high-speed spindles for Swiss turning machines, with spindle diameter sizes ranging from 16 to 33 mm and speeds ranging to 120,000 rpm.

Compact, High-Speed Spindles for Swiss Turning
IBAG’s expanded Micro Line compact, high-speed spindles are designed for Swiss turning.

Ibag backworking spindles

High-Torque Backworking Spindle for Swiss Applications
Ibag offers high-torque backworking spindles in 20-, 22-, and 25-mm sizes.

ibag micro line spindles

Spindles for Micromachining Applications
Ibag North America’s Micro Line spindles are designed for micromachining and medical applications.

Spindles for Swiss Turning
The expanded Micro Line spindles for Swiss turning features 20-, 22- and 25-mm diameter models.

Spindles for Swiss Turning
The company offers the expanded Micro Line spindles for Swiss turning featuring 20 and 22 mm to the 25-mm diameter models including a 63.3-mm length new Model HT 25S 60 for compact tool zones.

CNC Swiss Delivers in Many Ways
Designed to efficiently process long, slender parts for the watch industry, the Swiss-type screw machine has evolved well beyond its original application niche.

Rotary Couplings for Turret Style CNC Lathes
IBAG North America has added a rotary coupling system that allows the use of its Micro Line high speed spindles in turret-style machines.

High Speed Spindles for Swiss-type Turning
Micro Line high speed spindles for Swiss turning are described as compact and powerful.

Short and Fast Micro Line Spindle
IBAG North America’s short and fast 22-mm diameter Micro Line high speed milling and drilling spindle for Swiss turning applications has a 63.3-mm length.

High-Speed Spindle For Swiss Turning

High-Speed Spindles For Swiss Turning
The company has added a 20-mm and 22-mm-diameter model to its Micro line of high-speed spindles for Swiss turning. Right-hand spindles are also available. These spindles eliminate secondary operations for Swiss-type lathes.

Chart showing savings from monitoring

The Case For Process Monitoring
This article looks at new deveopments in process monitoring for prodctuion machining applications.

Micro Line spindles

Spindles For Swiss Turning
Ibag North America's Micro Line spindles for Swiss turning adds 20 mm and 22 mm to the 25-mm diameter model previously available. Right-hand spindles are also available.

IBAG Milling and Drilling Spindle

High-Speed Milling And Drilling Spindles
Ibag now offers 20- and 22-mm diameter high speed milling and drilling spindles for Swiss turning applications i addition to its 25-mm diameter spindles. Using synchronous, DC motor technology, the spindles operate as much as 100,000 rpm with 260-W continuous power and high torque. Especially useful for machining

Torx Driver

High Speed Spindles For Swiss Machining
This article dicusses the use of high-speed spindles in Swiss machining applications. Sufficient rotational speed is necessary to take advantage of tooling materials in small diameter cutters.

Grid-Style Chuck

Hold On With Vacuum Clamping
Because of the possibility of workpiece deformation, clamping using three-jaw chucks is not always suitable for final machining. In cases where tight machining tolerances must be upheld, this Danish cutting specialist relies on vacuum clamping technology to hold its parts.

High-Speed Cutting Motor Spindles
Designed for use with Swiss-type automatic lathes, the 25-mm HSC (high-speed cutting) motor spindles and are useful for microscopic milling and drilling operations as well as engraving and fine milling. Available from IBAG North America, the spindles fit in the linear toolholders of this machine style. They can operate at speeds as fast as 60,000 rpm or an optional 80,000 rpm.

High-Speed Cutting
- Brochure highlights the advantages of high-speed cutting using charts and graphs, as well as spindle system options for monitoring piston, temperature and vibration- Cutter and workpiece cooling options are illustrated- Components and accessories are also listed, photographed and explained .

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