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Technical Cleanliness Expert Days Brings Together Cleaning Community for Learning and Networking
The second Technical Cleanliness Expert Days event this year expanded to one-and-a-half days, with the theme of “Cleanliness in Production and Critical Processes.”

PMTS show floor

PMTS 2019 Cleaning Segment Focuses on Demand for Cleaner Parts
To get a feel for the current hot topics in parts cleaning prior to the show, we asked several of the exhibitors about what attendees should expect the show “buzz” to be as well as their thoughts and insights about the show and conference.

Jomesa System Analyzes Extracted Particles
PMTS 2019: Jomesa’s PSE system performs material analysis on particles extracted during cleanliness testing.

theater full of people and presenter at front

Conference Focuses on Cleanliness Concepts and Standards
Technical Cleanliness Expert Day on Sept. 25 focused on technical cleanliness concepts and establishing production and assembly cleanliness standards. 

The Aquarius Series multi-tank ultrasonic cleaning system

IMTS Cleaning Exhibits Emphasize Trends
This year, some parts cleaning exhibitors say the biggest trends they are experiencing include more automated equipment, the need for precision cleaning for smaller particle counts than in the past and growing demands for using more green and neutral-based cleaners. 

What Cleanliness Standards Look Like for Automotive Suppliers
Read about how Ford Motor Co. and Jomesa North America Inc. have come together to improve cleanliness specs and part cleanliness inspection to help car buyers get a lot more mileage out of their investment. 

Cleanliness Compliance is Critical for Automotive Suppliers
Although not every shop has been affected by cleanliness specifications, many suppliers to automotive OEMs are already complying with stringent cleanliness standards. In Ford Motor Co.’s case, it has created its own cleanliness standards in order to save money and credibility. 

MicroCare display at the show--Tergo cleaning fluid

Parts Cleaning Across Continents
If the metalworking industry wants to predict the future of the parts cleaning market, it needs to look across the pond at the European trends and new developments taking place there.

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