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Compressed Air Treatment Guide

Compressed Air Treatment Guide(2)
• Guide to selecting the right compressed air treatment equipment for any application • Explains the latest advancements in dryers and filters and discusses other fundamental components such as aftercoolers and traps • The literature provides valuable insight to compressed air treatment and answers to questions such as, "What level of air quality do I really require? What if I have varying requirements? How do filters protect my system?"   .

Energy Savings With Compressed Air Systems
- Guide explains the various factors that impact compressed air system performance and outlines steps to increase efficiency of existing systems- Details include understanding and measuring the complete cost of generating compressed air- Includes formulas for estimating the real cost of compressed air leaks. .

Desiccant Dryers
Kaeser blower purge desiccant dryers and exhaust purge desiccant dryers use a heated regeneration method to produce high quality air and dew points as low as -40°F with minimal purge air losses. All of the company's desiccant dryers feature a dual tower design and durable, activated alumina. The desiccant beds are designed to optimize contact time between the purge air and the desiccant and to maximize desiccant life.

Compressed Air System Performance
The Sigma Air Manager (SAM) Basic optimizes compressed air system performance in small to medium installations. This energy-saving master controller provides superior pressure band control, says the maker Kaeser Compressors. The SAM Basic balances service hours, tracks preventive maintenance requirements and prevents simultaneous motor starts.

Aluminum Compressed Air Distribution System
-The SmartPipe product catalog provides technical details such as product dimensions, weighs and material specifications-Includes product images, installation tips and a cross index of associated part numbers-Learn how the distribution system can be integrated into existing systems and modified to accommodate changing needs.

Compressor Product Line
- Brochure details Kaeser's rotary screw compressors from 3 hp to 600 hp. - Includes complete information on Sigma Frequency Control variable speed drive units, new AS models as well as the Sigma Control Basic system- Read about the package systems with integral refrigerated dryers and built-in filtration .

Clean Air Treatment
- Updated clean air treatment catalog details Kaeser's refrigerated, desiccant and membrane dryers as well as a filtration line to trap moisture, particles, oil mists and vapor- Catalog will help readers select the right combination of dryers and filters to reach any ISO quality class from general-purpose shop air to oil free to OSHA Grade D breathing air .

Complete Compressed Air System
-The catalog outlines range of industrial compressors and related air system equipment-Refer to pictures, sizing information and product descriptions-Features Sigma stationary and Mobilair portable screw compressors, booster and oil-less piston compressors, Sigma vacuum pumps and Omega rotary lobe blowers.

Air Compressor Guide
This full-color, eight-page guide covers the types of air compressors, evaluates compressed air systems, tells how to select an air compressor and how to maintain and troubleshoot a system.  .

Selecting Air Compressors
This redesigned air compressor guide goes through a step-by-step process of selecting and protecting your air compressor investment. It covers topics such as types of air compressors, selecting an air compressor and air requirements.

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