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As Seen In Production Machining

Kennametal Boring System Simplifies Precision Adjustment

Kennametal Boring System Simplifies Precision Adjustment
Kennametal’s digital-ready fine boring tools are easy-to-use for more productive, predictable and accurate boring.

Emuge Corp. Appoints Scott Lowe as National Accounts Manager

Emuge Corp. Appoints Scott Lowe as National Accounts Manager
  Emuge names new national accounts manager for the U.S. and Canada. 

Tooling System Reduces Setup Time So Shop Stays Competitive

Tooling System Reduces Setup Time So Shop Stays Competitive
Turret adapted clamping units and quick-change tooling systems have helped a company use its new turning centers more effectively, so it can win new business in a competitive environment.

Turning insert

KBH10 Hard Turning Inserts Provide Rxtreme Wear Resistance
Kennametal Inc.’s KBH10 polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (PcBN) hard turning inserts provide wear resistance needed to turn hardened metals up to 65Rc, especially where very fine surface finishes are required. 

BMT turret

Turret-Adapted Clamping Unit Provides High Clamping Forces
In place of the standard turret tooling available on CNC lathes, the KM product line of turret-adapted clamping units from Kennametal and EWS Tool is designed to improve shopfloor efficiency.

KNS cutter

 KNS Cutter Platform Reduces Waste
Kennametal’s KNS slotting platform can be used across a range of cutting applications, including by automakers, equipment manufacturers and power generation and electronics companies. 

Modular drill

KenTIP FS Competes with Range of Solid Carbide Drills
Kennametal’s KenTIP FS is a 6-mm to 26-mm, 1.5 to 12 × D modular drill that’s designed for ease of use and producing good hole quality. It can compete with solid carbide drills across a range of materials, according to the company.

Mastercam and Kennametal

Mastercam and Kennametal Partner to Provide Tool Automation
CNC Software Inc., developers of Mastercam, has partnered with Kennametal Inc. to provide customers with the ability to import tool assemblies from NOVO directly into Mastercam 2018, allowing Mastercam customers to save time searching and building 3D tool assemblies. 

Milling grade

Indexable Milling Grade Provides Thermal Fatigue Resistance
Kennametal’s KCSM40 indexable milling grade has an cobalt binder that provides thermal fatigue resistance and a proprietary AlTiN/TiN coating that enhances the wear resistance at the cutting edge.


The Next Step in Setup Reduction
Quick-change modular tooling is a clear way to increase productivity, shorten setup time and generally improve the bottom line for job shops and large manufacturers alike.

Digital Tool Management Optimizes Shop Productivity
Although new methods for digital access to information are constantly being developed, the principle behind these systems is that every employee should have access to tool data.

Kennametal Expands Modular Tooling Line

Kennametal Expands Modular Tooling Line
A new partnership between Kennametal and EWS Tool Technologies will work toward making driven tool setup both fast and accurate.

‘Someday’ has a Happy Ending

‘Someday’ has a Happy Ending
After discussing various aerospace machining issues, the Kennametal representative turned Stellar Precision Components on to a solid ceramic end mill for difficult, nickel-based alloys often found in aerospace.

Kennametal Supports a Good Cause

Kennametal Supports a Good Cause
Charitable corporate giving can make a difference in the local community as well as the world at large. Here’s an example of one company that’s committed to giving back.

Ceramic End Mills Helps Shop Meet Delivery Date
Stellar delivered the parts on time with zero scrap and is now quoting a second, even larger order.

Making the Cut

Making the Cut
As this short case study illustrates, Kennametal’s grooving and cutoff tools provide more precise chip control and extended tool life.

Grooving, Cutoff and Multidirectional Turning
This single-sided tool is designed to handle a range of applications, including cutoff, grooving, deep grooving, face grooving, side turning and profiling, in a single platform, simplifying the tooling selection process.

Improve Productivity with Digital Tooling Data
This system seamlessly interfaces cloud-enabled digital tooling data and intelligence with production, inventory, and e-commerce to optimize shop productivity.

A Tool for Finding Tools

A Tool for Finding Tools
Novo is an online resource that supplies optimal feed and speed recommendations and more.

Kennametal and Sumitomo Electric Agree

Kennametal and Sumitomo Electric Agree
These two signed a licensing agreement under which Sumitomo Electric will provide and support Kennametal’s KM4X spindle solution to its customers globally.

Product Categories of Kennametal Inc.-World Headquarters

Arbors (for Cutters)
Boring Tools for Turning Machines
Chamfering Tools
Chuck Jaws & Collets
Chucks, Jaw Type
Chucks, Precision
Chucks, Special
Collets, Solid & Master
Cut-Off Tools/Attachments
Drill Bushings
Drill Chucks
Drilling Heads/Attachments
End Mills
Facing Tools/Heads
Form Tools
Gear Cutting Tools
Grooving Tools
Inserts, Indexable (Carbide, etc.) & Tool Inserts
Key Seating Tools
Milling Cutters
Thread Milling Cutters
Threading Tools
Threading Tools - Cutting
Threading Tools - Forming
Tool Crib Control Software
Tooling Systems, Modular and/or Quick-Change
Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet

Trade Names

A4 Groove & Turn System
Hanita VariMills
KM Micro
Mill 1
Top Notch